Impotance of Education for Society Essay Example
Impotance of Education for Society Essay Example

Impotance of Education for Society Essay Example

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  • Published: January 26, 2022
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In our modern world, many sociological imagination and theorist try explaining the aspect of education in the society. The structure and the system of education are related to the general perspective of socialism making education to have great importance to the society. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, Values beliefs, and habits. There are a various process which an individual can obtain the education, for example, one can learn through listening, observing, touching, training and direct researchers. Various theorists such as Karl Marx, Engels, Weber, and Aristotle explain the important of education in different ways.

For instance, according to Karl Max theory of economic determinism, he argues that all men should have an equal right of having wealth (Dewey, 1998). However in order to have equal rights to wealth education should be t


he key to for a successful society growth. The focus of this assignment is to analyze a synthetic essay on education in sociology as well as giving a vivid critic of the works of some of the educational theorist. The greatness of education in a society is making an individual's life better. For example during the period an individual goes to school, the individual acquires advance knowledge in some fields, skill, habits and value that assist them to success in life.

However, some researchers argue that in as much as education equips an individual with the basic skills required to success in life, it also serves as a tool used by the government and ruling organizations to keep people busy and occupied(Lipman,2003). For example, education protects an individual from social pitfalls such being arrested and going to jail, early marriages, and unplanned pregnancies

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It is evidence that education influences social issues such as crimes and fertility. The phrase is true because in areas where individuals have the high level of literacy in social education crimes are minimum as compared to areas with low literacy levels (Dewey, 1998). According to the functionalist theorist, they support the positive function performed by the education system.

An example of the functionalist theorist is Emile Durkheim. Emile believes that education is crucial for the development of society because it creates a social solidarity, teaches the basic core value of life, assist in role allocation and teaching the necessary skills of work. These four factors create unity and solidarity within society. Therefore, just like family, education brings all sociological groups and institution together.

In our present world, it is obvious to hear a college student advised that obtaining college degree would get you into the beat job you wish. The statement may be a lie or a fact but the important of the education a student obtains from a high learning organization, assists the students on more in matters of the social life than in economical aspect. For example, if the important of learning education is to have money, most of the rich people will be the poorest. However, education advances the thinking capacity of an individual both socially and economically (Lipman, 2003). When an individual feel that they are not part of the bigger programs education and school comforts the individual.

Learning of subjects such as history and English increases the thinking ability of students. These subjects advance individual knowledge on matter or origin as well as giving students sense of belongingness for a part of

something bigger. The school is like a society where people interact and make friendship with people who are neither friends nor family (Lipman, 2003). The life and education attained by students while at school are important because they assist the individual in dealing with others in future life. According to Carl, Max there is need of having the division of labor and specialization of various industries to enhance productivity and growth of any nation.

Through the learning institution, an individual is given a chance of selecting and specializing in subjects, which fulfills their interest. This helps in learning of diverse skills that assist in complex division of labor and specialization (Lipman, 2003). Education is a crucial and powerful weapon that can be used to influence both society and an individual. For example, the high the levels of education individuals have the lower burden they have on matters of reproduction.

In other words, the higher the levels of education people have, the lower the number of children. Increasing the number of education worldwide improves in solving the overpopulation problem. Overpopulation makes resources to scare triggering into high levels of living. For, example, it is evidence that teen pregnancies are abundant among women of low income and low education. This shows that lack of education correlates with having a large number of children when individual is too young, something, which makes it harder for the girl child to obtain a degree (Lipman, 2003). Lack of education connects to most of the social crime in the world.

When people get an education they easily get jobs, this reduces struggle in life as well as eliminating idleness. In a place where people

lack social education crimes like prostitution, drug trafficking, and robbery are very rampant. For example in 2009, a study case was done to estimate the level of education among the inmates convicted in the state of Florida. The result showed that more than half of the inmate had not passed the fifth-grade class. Education is the key and path to the middle-class state of life.

However, having a deficit in education will make people to fence sources of income in other places. Some researchers argue that in as much as education is the key to the middle class, quality education is very expensive (Lipman, 2003). On top of that, it is very hard to get quality education in many centuries unlike the United States of America. For example, most of the children aged between six and eleven in sub-Saharan Africa do not go to school at all.

The quality of the education system in sub-Saharan nation is very poor. In fact, there is no adequate facility to support the education system in these nations. Poor educational facilities in these nations have contributed to increasing of social issues such as prostitution and crime (Dewey, 1998). In conclusion, education is important for the growth of both the society and self.

Educated people have more opportunities in life that none educated people. Many traditional theorists like Karl Max and Emile Durkheim believe that education is the pathway for a middle-class state in a society because education equips individual with enough Knowledge that enables them to service societal challenges. In countries where people have deficiency in education, there are more social issues and conflicts as compared to nations with high level of

education among individuals. Education is expensive and only people living in a developed nation have high probability getting the quality education.


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