Philosophy of Learning Essay
Philosophy of Learning Essay

Philosophy of Learning Essay

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  • Published: October 13, 2021
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Personally, I view effective learning as a deliberate and active process. In every environment, people learn and develop best if given a purposeful opportunity to learn and share ideas in their surroundings. As an educator, this paper will explore hands-on ideas and information that can help learners both young and old to construct a meaningful life in their complex world.

Exploring cutting-edge techniques in academic and career development makes learning an aspect of teaching. For instance, learning by example is one aspect that makes the learning process more successful. For example, children given an opportunity to act in their immediate environment achieve more success than those who learn by theory (Olteanu, 2015). That is, skills impacted through a practical means are more favorable than those given through an oral and standard manner. Practical exposure helps learners absorb information and ideas towards achieving their life goals. Learning by action works in both pedagogy and young children. For instance, taking a driver’s license involves both theoretical and practical learning. Practical knowledge defines the link between the theoretical part and the exposure required on our roads. Therefore, learning by acting helps more individuals in reaching their immediate goals in more successful and effective manner. The same concern is experienced when rising a new generation. The so


cialization process creates the learning by “acting” feature in the society for individuals to understand the norms, the values and the cultural backgrounds where they are to grow and develop. For example, for a child to be a good Christian, he or she must act the Lords prayer, same to Muslims where one must recite the Quran. In essence, one learns effectively by interacting and sharing content with others with the aim of understanding the details and constructs for a stable persona grounds.

Thesis Statement

Learning by acting is the most effective way of gaining knowledge. As an educator, I believe that showing the society to fish is more important than giving them the fish. Basically, the opportunity to interact and get involved gives participants a first-hand experience as compared to learning through a hear-say (Olteanu, 2015). Complex life tomorrow may be solved by motivating the younger generation to engage in more practical forms of learning. Variously, “actions” act as indicators of either success or failure in the learning process. It gives learners the morale and motivation to achieve their goals based on either the red or green light towards their set goals.

Goal Statement One

Building a multilingual foundation in career and professional development. Knowledge of different languages other than the “mother” or “native” language gives learns a wide scope of interacting with different individuals in their environment. A multilingual ability can be measured by evaluating how fluent and personal can speak different languages or relate with people from diverse regions in the world. For example, there is a correlation between native English speaking individuals and Spanish speaking individuals in terms of culture and business prospects. Therefore, it is important to prepare the young for a multilingual society later in

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Goal Statement Two

Effective teaching reflects an active learning process. Therefore, the primary reason for pursuing a graduate degree is to have a wider understanding of the natural environment as an instructor and educator of both the young and the older generation. Gains from graduate degree are higher as compared to those from an undergraduate degree. Skills, knowledge and hands-on experience given to graduate-degree holders is crucial in solving most pressing problems in our nation including global warming, energy, health care, and security (Olteanu, 2015). Therefore, to reach graduation in a more successful manner, I need determination, persistence and capability to handle environmental challenges (Financial and family issues). On the other hand, learning stamina, personal leadership and discipline will act as the stepping stones towards a better future as a graduate degree holder. With these aspects in life, the easy transition of service, skills and knowledge to the younger generation and the world as a whole will be an easy task.

Goal Statement Three

From a Human Development perspective, personal satisfaction and fulfillment are two crucial components in achieving a happy ending. Therefore, completing a graduate degree brings in a sense of accomplishment in life. The effort put in earning the degree is essential in building a central character for greater credibility and recognition in the society (Olteanu, 2015). Graduate degree speaks for the individual and adds flavor to the success and accomplishment in later life. For example, as an educator, it will bring in more employment ventures and opportunities in social services, public affairs and policy making in the education sector. Knowledge is power and therefore graduate degree which is achieved through action-based learning is the way to go in changing our immediate environment.


Discipline, learning by action, Stamina and motivation are major stepping stones towards achieving better in graduate studies (Olteanu, 2015). Therefore, in order to achieve better as a graduate school individual, you must learn more than one language (be multilingual), have discipline in everything you do and stamina to achieve the best regardless of the vices in the environment. For that reason, effective learning is a deliberate and active process that should be action based.


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