Ethics of Philosophy Essay
Ethics of Philosophy Essay

Ethics of Philosophy Essay

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  • Published: January 21, 2022
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In the survival game of this world, human beings find it imperative to make critical decisions based on right or wrong (Bunge 31). Some of these decisions are essential in determining the next position in their life. However, making decisions require particular viewpoints of guidance that assist in choosing the right option. Ethical analysis is one of the common ways that offer advice when making a decision. This essay seeks to answer an ethical question by referring to the taught ethical theories and also from the context of the author.

From the question provided, I think that Robert should not sign the consent form, and instead, he should shred. By doing that, he would be a choosing a future in which he would have to earn everything. If he does not sign the form, he gets to experience real world with people w


ho can assist him in changing the perspective about his dreams. Contrary to the ‘experience machine' offered in the other option, Robert will experience a variety of experiences in the real world. From my perspective, it is boring to have joyous or a consistent experience of positive feelings. It is, therefore, an illusion where everything seems to go right while in reality, he would lose his friends and close relatives and remain lonely.

However, basing this question on the various ethical theories, Robert might get different answers on what to do. For instance, if he bases his decision making on the utilitarian ethical theory, he would sign the form. This is because the theory states that the option, which yields the greatest benefit, is the choice that is ethically correct. The virtue ethical theory would,

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on the other hand, tell Robert not to sign the form and shred it. The option of signing the form would distance him from the societal virtues that are agreed on. The rights ethical theory would also implicate Robert to sign the form. This is because he is entitled to the right of a better life and freedom of choice (Broad 75).

It is, therefore, evident from the points above that Robert has a variety of platforms to base his decision-making. He should, therefore, ensure that he picks the option ethically correct.

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