PESTEL Analysis of Wine Industry
PESTEL Analysis of Wine Industry

PESTEL Analysis of Wine Industry

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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A Macro-Environmental Analysis of the Wine Industry in Turkey A factor that influence a company’s or product’s development but that is outside of the company’s control is known as macro environment. In this paper. all dimensions that affect that wine industry in Turkey are investigated. It is of import to detect the vino industry in footings of political. economic. socio-cultural. technological and natural facets ; it is called as PESTEL analysis. This analysis which provides the deeper expression into this big sector can be found below. Socio-cultural Environment There is no important alteration in the demographic side of the vino sector late.

However it is known that Turkey consists of largely Muslim citizens and this brings the religion-related factors with it. The bulk and the current authorities create several unwritten regulations among the society. It can be called as societal and cultural force per unit area which comes with the demographic construction of Turkey. Economic Environment Turkey has a serious advancement in footings of vino production in last 10 years3. Wine production contributes to figure of high quality tourers in Turkey. So. it increases the touristry incomes. However. the handiness of vinos in markets. shops is acquiring hard.

This job puts manufacturers in a hard state of affairs. There is high revenue enhancement issues in vino industry. Natural Environment The natural environment involves the natural resources that are needed and sustainability of the vino industry in Turkey. Wine production in Turkey goes back a long manner and it seems there are equal resources to go on this sector. such as immense vineries. many dress shop and institu


tional producers1. Wines are acquiring better and better. Those made from autochthonal grapes like Okuzgozu and Bogazkere are lighting international involvement. Turkey is sing a wine Renaissance. Technological Environment

Technological environment involves forces that create new engineer making new merchandise and selling chances. Ak? n Ongor says that the gross revenues problems of this sector should be solved. Internet is so of import channel. If the distribution jobs can non be solved. no wine manufacturers can survive3. Political Environment The political environment is altering in conformity with the current government’s perceptual experience but it can be said that the vino industry has difficult times. Coskun Guner2 says. “As we said in each platform. Turkish viticulture should be held as a authorities policy. because this merchandise has a high added value.

Because of high revenue enhancements. people can non put ; it is difficult to fight in this sector with competitors” . He besides indicates that the “viniculture congress” must be organized. In this Congress the vino sector should be discussed and the solution methods should be implemented2. Legal Environment Probably. the most of import component of this analysis is legal environment including the limitations and ordinances. There are some illustrations of late increasing legal limitations in wine industry: “It’s non easy to sell vino without holding ads or ways to explicate about the wine maker or demo reappraisals stating how good a new vino is. ” Ali Basman said1.

The statute laws about advertizement for whole alcoholic drinks begin to be really rough in those yearss. The ordinances make

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the vino illegal for stores to sell intoxicant between 10 p. m. and 6 a. m. and to expose bottles where they can be seen from the street. New eating houses and stores near schools or mosques can’t offer vino at all1. Ard? degree Celsiuss Gursel says that. “If person orders a vino over the phone. I won’t be able to present it. These ordinances are rather heavy. ”1.