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The beginning of dinosaurs and the topic has different interesting myths and facts attached to it. The term dinosaur originated a scientific term ‘Dinosauria ’which refers to a varied group of animate beings exhibiting different life manners. Dinosaurs were reptilians that lived during the Mesozoic epoch about 165 million old ages ago. Dinosaurs were a subgroup of archosaurs which is a group that includes birds and crocodiles. Dinosaurs of the Mesozoic period left behind several hints about the manner they looked like. Their dodos besides give us a hint of the manner of life of the dinosaurs.

Some dinosaurs had crude plumes while others had thick bumpy tegument. ( Weishampel et al. . 2004 pp 376-398 ) Since dinosaurs were reptilians. they were hatched from eggs. However the dinosaurs could neither wing nor populate in H2O. The species is one of the world’s known big and energetic animate being. The dinosaurs were tall and long some mensurating about 100 pess long although there were little dinosaurs every bit little as the size of a poulet. Most of the dinosaurs were average sized. History of beginning Dinosaurs emerge in the Triassic. In the Permian period. several craniates had developed among the mammalian group and some lizard like reptilians.

During this period. the clime became highly hot and dry which led to desertification of huge parts of the Earth. Several species were nonextant and merely a few survived at the beginning of Triassic. The subsisters included diapside reptilians which sought shelter under stones and looked for nutrient at morning and during sundown when the temperatures were favourable. When the temperatures became bearable. the modern serpents and lizards evolved from those reptilians. In early Triassic when the clime became more bearable. and workss began to distribute. another group of the reptilians evolved into phytophagic rhynchosaurs.

Several species of the rynchosaurs emerged with characteristic tall gawky organic structures. The different rynausers subsequently evolved into dinosaurs. There were different types of dinosaurs which lived at different times. Some dinosaurs walked on two hind limbs called bipedal while others moved on four limbs called quardrupedal. Dinosaurs’ nutrient can be determined by the construction of their dentitions. From the dodos found. dinosaurs fed on harvests such as trees. Categorization of Dinosaurs Dinosaurs are a clade of archosaurs and prevarications within the phylum Chordata. There are several categorizations of dinosaurs but the most normally used is Benton categorization.

Harmonizing to Benton. all dinosaurs autumn under the series Amniota. Class Sauropsida. a sub category Diapsida. Division Archosauria. Benton divided dinosaurs into two major orders Saurinchia and Orinthischia. The categorization of dinosaurs is complex and broad. ( Benton. 2004 pp 223-345 ) Extinction of dinosaurs Dinosaurs originated some 165 old ages ago and they became nonextant about 65 million old ages ago. The extinction of dinosaurs is a enigma. Some scientists argue that dinosaurs became nonextant of course through the natural procedure of decease from hungriness.

Since they were fed on tall trees and due to their tall and fast organic structures. they cleared woods and led to desertification. They could non boom good in a warm and dry topographic point so they died. However this theory is extremely criticized because extinction is as a consequence of lesser birth non decease. The workss could besides stand their green foliages bitten off and developed new leaf faster and grew on. Harmonizing to Weishampel et Al. 2004. this led to development big countries of woods therefore cut downing infinite for dinosaurs. This led to instability of the ecosystem with the figure of works feeders diminishing significantly.

The full ecosystem collapsed by the terminal of Cretaceous. Discovery of dodos The first dinosaur dodos remains of the modern times were discovered in 1819 in England by a British dodo finder William Buckland. However the earlier finds on Dinosaur dodos were made by Reverend Plot in 1676 and he found a immense thighbone bone which was thought to belong to a elephantine. The first complete dinosaur dodo remains were found by William Parker Foulke in New Jersey. USA. Since the find of Buckland’s dodo of dinosaurs in 1819. there have been over 330 assorted dinosaur genera discovered largely in the USA.

The beginning of dinosaurs got into the geological records every bit early as 1824 when the dodos were named and identified to be dinosaurs after Buckland’s find of 1876. Dodos of dinosaur in the US were found in the undermentioned topographic points: Alaska. Alberta Canada. Alabama. California. Florida. Georgia. El Salvador. Kansas. Illinois. Indiana. Maine. Louisiana. Missouri. Minnesota. Mississippi. Montana Nevada. Nebraska. New Jersey. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. Nova Scotia. Ohio. Oklahoma. Pennsylvania. Oregon among other provinces.

Dinosaur dodos were besides found in Africa. Europe Asia every bit good as in Australia. ( James. 1999 pp 176-211 ) Dinosaur’s dodos were thought to be of 1000000s of old ages. The age was chiefly based on thee geologic column which dates dodos depending on the stones they are found in and besides day of the months stones by the dodos contained in them. Identifying characteristics of dinosaurs Dinosaurs are complicated to sort and they exhibit assorted differing characteristics. Just like their beginning is complicated. the identifying characteristics differ through their development.

Dinosaurs are craniates. merely like birds and mammals. they stood erect and they did non maintain their legs sprawling out to the side of their organic structure as most reptilians such as lizards and salamanders do. From the path ways of dinosaurs. it is clear that they seldom dragged their tail on the land like other reptilians. Therefore birds and mammals are likely good theoretical accounts for understanding dinosaur’s motive power. Dinosaurs had a alone life style of higher mammals. They provided parental attention to their immature 1s. They besides built their nest which makes them to be associated with birds.

Some little sized dinosaurs could wing. The non avian dinosaurs could travel faster while some walked at a more easy gait. The dinosaurs were said to be endothermal merely as birds whiles others argue that they had an intermediate physiology between ecothermy and endothermy. Lizards are besides of import in placing characteristics of a dinosaur. It is believed nevertheless that dinosaurs were inertial hymotherms. ( Benton. 2004 pp 246-402 ) The animals were poikilothermic in nature and maintained they body temperatures by turning larger and larger. From the preserved pes prints the velocity of the dinosaurs could be determined.

They were really fast traveling animate beings. The fastest velocity that is apparent to dinosaurs is about 12 metres per second. This is about 20 seven stat mis per hr. Environment inhabited by dinosaurs Harmonizing to the history of beginning. dinosaurs lived in most parts of the Earth every bit long as the conditions were favourable. From their development. they must hold thrived good in countries with plentifulness of nutrient. i. e. workss and in favourable climatic conditions. Dinosaurs were favored by cool and moisture clime which in bend supported the growing of flora. Dinosaur’s fossils in stone dating

Dodos of dinosaurs are used in dating stones. This is normally done on sedimentary stones which are formed from beds called strata which are formed from deposits assorted with carnal remains. Dinosaur fossils in America were widely used to day of the month stones and the stones on the other manus are besides used to day of the month the fossil’s age. Dinosaur’s dodos are found in sedimentary stones about in every part in the universe. However the dating of stones utilizing dodos and dodos dating stones has been disputed normally known as round logical thinking. Geologic column assumes uniformity.

Uniformity has been disapproved due to possibility of misplaced dodos. poly strata dodos. losing beds. For illustration some ancient beds may be found on top of the immature stone beds. ( James. 1999 pp 176-211 ) In some occasions human dodo has been discovered together with the dodos of dinosaurs which suggest that adult male was runing dinosaurs to extinction. The widespread dodos of dinosaurs are of import in stone dating. Sing that they are virtually in every portion of the United States. it becomes easier in finding the age of the sedimentary stones every bit good as the usage of these stones to compare the ages of the dodos.

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