Online Course Plan
Online Course Plan

Online Course Plan

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  • Published: October 5, 2021
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Distance and the current technology reforms have led to establishment of online courses. Online course design together with hybrid courses commences with various steps as course designing involving face to face classes. It is advisable to begin with sketching the goals and objectives associate with learning, focusing on individualsā€™ knowledge, their skills and also their abilities. Such Intel assists one understand how many assessments are required and the practical ways students will use. It is good for instructors to ensure that they are thoroughly familiar with the particular course objectives in order to teach and explain concepts effectively (Mitchell, 2010).

In the online classroom sessions, totally new set of variables fill the equations. There are certain principles that act as a guideline to teaching online courses in order to facilitate comprehension among students. They are showing up and teaching , practicing proactive course management strategies, establishing patterns in relation to course activities , quality counts , double clicking a mile in oneā€™s connections, planning for the unplanned, thinking before one writes , helping in maintaining forward progress , safe and secure and lastly responding to the requested and expected. These principles develop cooperation and collaboration among the students.

There are various variables that aim at fostering interaction and engagement among the students. This helps in developing deeper comprehension of concepts among the students. They are student-instructor interaction on both personal and group level, secondly the student-student interaction that creates a sense of community that is dynamic, and finally the student-content interaction that involve


s activities, assignments and goals. An effective online teacher performs his roles perfectly and acts as a tour guide, cheerleader, learning coach, individual and group mirror, a social butterfly, a big brother, valve control and lastly as a co-learner.

As an online student one should also strive to meet his professor in person. They should also stop by and attend the introduction classes so as to boost their familiarity with the content.Orinentation acts as a window to the technology that will be used later in the learning sessions. They have several advantages including giving the student a brief idea of what online learning is all about. They also assist the student to be at ease with the virtual learning.

A protocol is a system involving rules that allows an entity of two or more communication networks via nay kind of system. Communicationprotocols have to be agreed upon by the parties involved. In online course various communication protocols can be used to facilitate learning .They are emails, chats, and even voicemails. These are associated with database protocols which are specific to the database management systems that are employed.

Most instructors and even students are frightened by the idea of group work in online courses and see it as impossible to accomplish due to various barriers such as envision chaos among students, frustration and more work compared to individual projects. However group work is essential to enhance coordination.

Group work is collaborated in online courses by five major elements. They include social presence, presence of a leader, purpose and clear instructions, skill development for enhancing working in a team, and lastly seamless technology by guiding student

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to the most effective platforms for communicating synchronously and asynchronously. This enhances building of knowledge and skills among all students through sharing of information and knowledge.

Reflection is a form of learning that involves well researched concepts usually in second language studies. Reflective journals are important in online courses as they provide opportunities to think and analyze composing processes associated tostudents. They act as a raising awareness platform for the students when it comes to their writing processes.

The content of these journals relate to the presentations of materials in class. The length might depend on the language proficiency level in conjunction to writing experiences associate with the students. They are not evaluated on the basis of grammar and spellings.

Tests and quizzes play a very vital role in online courses and act as a provision of an array of benefits for both the instructor and student. They improve the experience of the teacher by reducing the amount of work to be done, making them unique by randomizing the order of questions and answers especially in cases where the learner redoes the test in which he had poor performance, instant grading, there is in depth analysis that is readily available, it is also environmental friendly, acts as a self-assessment tool, and lastly it keeps the students engaged in the learning sessions.

The time period on weekly basis an online course student takes is approximately thirty six to fifty four hours. They may seem daunting and exhausting but commitment on course work assists student stay on top of the class and has better understanding of the contexts and principles of the course work. An estimation of 96% individuals with chronic medical conditions do not know about their illnesses. Invisible disabilities can affect student performance (Conrad, 2011).Such disabilities are mental health conditions like stress and depression, learning disabilities like Dyslexia, chronic fatigue, and also chronic pain from migraines, injury and arthritis. Instructors should be able to accommodate those students by identifying them and helping them out.

There are different learning styles in online courses that vary according to oneā€™s preferences to another as everyone cannot be the same with another. Such styles are visual/verbal learners who learn best when intel is presented visually in a written form , secondly there is the visual /nonverbal learners who understand best when intel is presented visually in picture form, auditory /verbal learners who learn best by participating in group discusions.

Prefferred learning styles are useful for understanding among students. Most online instructors are advised to use content management systems to allow them to dynamically and easily update the web pages they use and their respective properties when new content becomes available to encourage engaging, educating and meaningful access to information in such web pages.

Media players are the most effective in understanding online courses ass students gain an access to pause lectures and to replay them at will. This capability is not available in face to face lectures. They are most especially when students are watching an introduction of online psychology lectures. It is related with superior performance in exams. It also enhances satisfaction among students who utilize it.

Evaluation is important in

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