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Expose, Explore, Experience In most cases, ads of powdered milk manufacturers show how mothers would protect their children by giving them milk. Nestle, trying to break out from the rules, positioned their product in a different approach with its campaign entitled, Expose, Explore, and Experience. Crafted by Publicis Manila in 2008, Nido’s TVC featured four kids asking for their mother’s forgiveness for doing activities they thought their mothers would be mad about.

The remarkable activities shown in the ad were: giving a sandwich to a dog, playing in the rain, playing basketball and getting dirty from planting. Doing these, the children explained the reasons behind what they have done: to get a kiss from a dog, to make a new friend, to keep on trying, and to learn. These scenes were concluded by an adage — “Let them grow, let them go”. The idea is that mothers must let their kids discover the realities of the outside world. The ad highlighted the importance of exposing one’s child to extraordinary things that would help them learn many great things in life.

Evidently, the ad targeted the Filipino mothers. It encouraged them to give their children, the liberty to act in a child-like manner such as planting with bare hands and playing in the rain with a friend. This is supported by the fact that NIDO could make a child healthier since it contains Lactobacillus protectus, Prebio 3, and DHA. These elements could protect the child’s immune system from the natural diseases he could get from the outdoor activities. One accomplishment of advertising is that it could add value to the product.

Through the ad of Nestle, NIDO became more than just powdered milk – it epitomized the mother’s shield of protection and love for her child. The ad was able to effectively deliver its selling message: through NIDO, exposure, exploration and experience could now be achieved by the Filipino children without the constant assistance of the parents. SCDL Agency could relate to the ad because the group themselves went through childhood with NIDO. They all experienced playing under the rain or planting with bear hands without the company of their presence.

Much like the children in the ad, members of SCDL agency appreciated learning extraordinary things through exposure, exploration and experience. In general, the TVC of NIDO captured the idea that advertising could add great value to a product. Advertising could transcend selling a particular product – it could infuse values to the society and this could lead to a positive change. In the context of the ad, it tells the Filipino parents, particularly the mothers, to let their child grasp the reality of the world by allowing them to experience it.

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