Modern Invention Have Speed up Peoples Lives Amazingly Essay Example
Modern Invention Have Speed up Peoples Lives Amazingly Essay Example

Modern Invention Have Speed up Peoples Lives Amazingly Essay Example

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  • Published: August 11, 2017
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Motor cars enable us to travel 100 miles quickly, but this convenience comes with a price. Likewise, scientists warn that excessive use of mobile phones can expose our brains to harmful radiation. Additionally, modern technology influences our behavior by making us more rushed and impatient. Many people try to save time by multitasking in an effort to imitate computers.

Technology has made factory work less tedious, but it has also brought criticism for pollution and the need for more roads. Motor cars have replaced horse-drawn vehicles, eliminating inconvenient and time-consuming travel. However, society's fascination with speed seems to be declining as the allure of speed diminishes in our lives. Despite this, adopting new technologies can still have negative consequences.

The overuse of electronic devices can result in addiction, while the continuous progress in technology requires a substan


tial amount of energy. This excessive energy consumption can have detrimental effects on the environment, thus contributing to climate change. Furthermore, not all technological advancements have positive intentions; certain products like atomic bombs, guns, and radiation were deliberately created to inflict harm or cause death to humans. Consequently, it is clear that new technologies are not always advantageous or safe for society.

In conclusion, despite the numerous benefits of new technologies, it is important to use them cautiously. There are widespread concerns about their impact on society, with many believing that these advancements have a detrimental influence on their lives. However, there are also individuals who acknowledge the advantages brought about by technology. Electronic devices, such as computers and mobile phones, which are outcomes of new technologies, are highly beneficial in our everyday lives as they enable people

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to save significant amounts of time.

In the workplace, computers and the Internet allow employees to work faster than before, benefiting productivity. Furthermore, mobile phones and the Internet have transformed communication and information retrieval methods, resulting in time and cost savings. Consequently, the economy benefits. Skilled educators cultivate stimulating learning environments that expose students to novel concepts, foster skill development, and broaden their horizons.

The utilization of technology can involve students in novel experiences and establish a global community of learners. The CUB Master of Educational Technology (MET) is a prestigious online graduate program provided by a renowned university, which has attracted students from more than 35 countries. Along with the master's degree, two specialized graduate certificates are also available, both of which can lead to the degree program. Contemporary machinery has liberated humanity from its primitive state.

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