MKT 340 Ch. 4

Marketing ethics refers to
moral issues, specifically in the marketing domain
which of the following are principles of conscious marketing?
to have leadership involved at all levels, to understand that decisions are ethically based, to recognize the greater purpose of marketing, to realize the interdependence of stakeholders
according to the U.S. environmental protection agency, sustainability means that everything a person needs to survive can be found in our
natural environment
list the steps of ethical decision making from one through four
1. identify issues
2. gather information and identify stakeholders
3. brainstorm and evaluate alternatives
4. choose a course of action
an example of corporate social responsibility is when a firm
lessens the negative impact it has on the evironment
stakeholders include which of the following
government agencies, customers, employees, community members
every day businesspeople are confronted with ethical decisions. when they distinguish between right and wrong decisions in a business setting, it is called
business ethics
unethical marketing behavior includes which of the following actions
using deceptive sales tactics, destroying information harmful to company image, misrepresenting company earnings, using false advertising
the American marketing association provides a document for marketers on ethical behavior. It is called ___ ___ ___
statement of ethics
___ __ __ is the blending of economic, social, and environmental performance
triple bottom line
a firm whose employees engage in honest transaction, but which does not contribute to the larger community , is
ethical but not socially responsible
when a company’s leaders are conscious of all aspects of the company, then it is easier for the stakeholders to embrace the idea of what?
conscious marketing
when a company undertakes conscious marketing, it focuses on which of the following
consumers, employees, society, shareholders
when a company engages in conscious marketing, they must appeal to a variety of ___ who are affected by the firm. This group can include customers, employees, as well as the community
marketers face the difficult decision between __ benefits for themselves and possibly the firm and doing what is right in the __ for the firm and society
issues that might arise in the process of ethical decision making about consumer research include which of the following?
the data collection method used
whether participants in a study are informed of the real purpose
whether the collected data will be used to mislead or harm the public
decision makers are more likely todo what when they use the ethical decision-making framework?
include the relevant ethical issues
evaluate the alternatives
choose a course of action that will help them to avoid serious ethical lapses
ethics problems are likely to arise if a firm’s ___ goals do not line up with an employee’s ___ goals
ethical issues arise continually as ___ emerge
new markets
new technologies
in the past many businesses were only interested in making a ___, which pleased the shareholders
when Coca-Cola produces a campaign to advocate healthier lifestyles, they are actively engaging in ___ social responsibility
t/f firms should implement programs that are socially responsible, and its employees shouldn’t act in an ethically responsible way
the 4th step in ethical decision making is what?
choosing a course of action
companies in the tobacco industry cannot be conscious marketers because their products are seen as harmful. However, they can become involved with CSR efforts such as
sponsoring public information campaigns
donating time to worthy causes
whereas conscious marketing takes a holistic view of business as a complex, adaptive system, CSR takes what type of view business?
a grey poupon campaign was questioned for its ethical practices when it accessed the post histories of Facebook users. the company was in which phase of its marketing strategy when it ran into the problem
which of the following are examples of unethical marketing practices?
promoting dangerous products
deceptive advertising
customers stop supporting a company when they feel that
they can no longer trust the company
the company isn’t acting responsibly
in order for marketers to keep their stakeholders happy without harming others, they must move their focus from just trying to make a ___
stakeholders can include which of the following
members of the community
the government
in brainstorming alternatives, a firm
considers alternative courses of action
firms can introduce ethics at the beginning of the planning process by
including ethical statements in the firm’s vision statement
what do some polluting companies, such as the oil industry, use as a way to reduce the damage that their products cause
corporate social responsibility
CSR programs must be designed considering trends in the issues of importance to customers. Trends receiving the most current attention include
ensuring healthiness of products
respecting and protecting privacy
in which stages of the strategic marketing planning process can firms address consciousness?
implementation, control, planning
today, companies are undertaking a wide range of corporate social responsibility initatives such as
supporting nonprofit groups
supporting minority activities
establishing charitable foundations
the most basic form of corporate social responsibility to employee is
safe working environment
consumers increasingly want to purchase from and invest in companies that
act in socially responsible ways
according to a recent survey, the vast majority of CEOs believe
that society expects companies to engage in CSR programs
during the __ phase of the marketing plan, marketers are identifying potential markets and must consider several ethical issues related to the product or service being delivered
top management must commit to __ an ethical climate; employees must be dedicated to those ethical ___
as the firm passes through stages of the planning process, managers must engage in the ___ phase from an ethical perspective. Systems must be in place to check whether each potentially ethical issue was successfully addressed
which of the following is true of business ethics
it examines ethical rules and principles within a commercial context.
________ is concerned with distinguishing between right and wrong actions and decisions that arise in a business setting,
business ethics
As stated in your text, economic, social, and environmental performance refer to the
triple bottom line.
Which of the following is true regarding corporate social responsibility?
It is often grafted on to a traditional business model, usually as a separate department or part of PR.
When Amazon developed a nonprofit Simple Pay Donation system to help nonprofits raise money easily, this was an example of a (an) _______ program
All of the following are included in the ethical decision-making framework except
maximize profits
What is the objective of the last step in the ethical decision-making framework?
to weigh the various alternatives and choose a course of action
Josie feels pressure to increase sales, so she decides to purposely mark up the price on a new shipment of sweaters and then immediately put them on sale. Even though she is deceiving the customer, Josie justifies her decision by knowing that management will be pleased with the increase in revenue. However, Josie’s decision may have serious consequences for the company in the long term. What does your text suggest as a way to avoid the consequences that can result from such behavior?
making sure the short-term goals of each employee are aligned with the long-term goals of the firm
If a firm takes voluntary actions to address the ethical, social, and environmental impacts of its business operations, it is involved in
corporate social responsibility.
A firm whose employees embrace conscious marketing and which is concerned with only its closest stakeholders is considered to be
ethical but socially irresponsible.
A firm makes generous donations to charities, but its employees are always being scrutinized for engaging in questionable sales practices. This firm would be considered
unethical but socially responsible.
which of the following represents the best approach for a firm to take regarding ethics and social responsibility?
The firm should implement programs that are socially responsible and employees should act in an ethically responsible manner.
Which of the following statements is accurate?
To align personal and corporate goals, firms need to have a strong ethical climate exemplified by the actions of corporate leaders and filtered through an ethically based corporate culture.
Which of the following is an accurate statement about corporate social responsibility?
When marketers work in controversial or polluting industries such as tobacco or fossil fuels, their central activities largely bar them from becoming conscious marketers.
When firms are applying an ethical framework for making decisions in a questionable situation, the first step is to
identify issues
Vashon, a manager at a marketing research firm, is trying to determine if his firm was acting ethically when it conducted its latest study. In doing so, he is evaluating whether or not the research respondents were told the real purpose of the study before proceeding. This involves which step of the ethical decision-making framework?
identifying issue
In using the ethical decision-making framework, a firm should consider the impact of its actions on its employees, suppliers, and customers—otherwise known as the firm’s
After a firm has carefully considered all relevant alternatives to address an ethically difficult situation, the next step would be to _____ to bring about the best solution.
choose a course of action
What tool would a marketing executive use to ensure that he or she has applied all relevant decision-making criteria to assess his or her confidence in having come to a decision that respects the rights and dignity of all stakeholders?
an ethical decision-making metric
The objective of the last step of the ethical decision-making framework is to weigh various alternatives and choose the most appropriate action to take. What action should be taken if the marketer is not confident about that decision?
Reexamine other alternatives.
All of the following questions might be used on an ethical decision-making metric except
How much money could I make from this action?
Which of the following questions relates to the Golden Rule Test of an ethical decision-making metric?
Would I like to be on the receiving end of this action?
With regard to the ethical decision-making metric, which of the following questions best represents the transparency test?
Could I give a clear explanation for the action I’m contemplating that would satisfy a fair moral judge?
In which phase of the strategic marketing planning process does the firm decide what level of commitment to its ethical policies and standards it is willing to declare publicly?
In the _____ phase of the strategic marketing planning process, the tone of decision-making questions is centered on the notion of “should we?”
Burt’s Bees mission statement to “create natural, Earth-friendly personal care products formulated to help you maximize your well-being and that of the world around you,” was prepared during which phase of the strategic marketing planning process?
During which phase of the strategic marketing planning process are managers evaluated on their actions from a conscious marketing perspective?
To ensure that conscious marketing is infused into all levels of the firm, it can be integrated into
each stage of the marketing plan.
When the Big Chip company reduced the amount of sugar in its chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, which stakeholder category was this effort targeting?
Which of the following is the best example of corporate social responsibility affecting the marketplace?
An industry leader adopts environmentally friendly production practices and other companies in the industry follow suit.

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