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Islam Test-Hoover

Hijrah Mohammads migrarion to Medina Mosque Islamic house of worship Quaran Holy book of Islam Muslim One who has submitted to Allah Islam Those who submit to the will of Allah Arabic Name for God Allah One of the five pillars of Islam The Hajj Tribal Ruler Sheikh City of the Kaaba Makkah Desert Arabs […]

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Essay on AP World History

Tikal Major Maya city, with a population of perhaps 50,000 people. Teotihuacan The largest city of pre-Columbian America, with a population between 100,000 and 200,000; seemingly built to a plan in the Valley of Mexico, flourished between 300 and 600 CE, during which time it governed or influenced much of the surrounding region. The name […]

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US History: Unit 1 Vocabulary

Virginia Company A group of London investors who sent ships to Chesapeake Bay in 1607. Tobacco Cash crop that made a profit and saved Jamestown. Powhatan An Indian chieftain who dominated the peoples in the James River area. All the tribes loosely under his control came to be called Powhatan’s confederacy. The colonists innacurately called […]

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AP World History Chapter 17 Vocabulary

question North American Revolution answer Successful rebellion conducted by the colonists of parts of North America (not Canada) against British rule (1775-1787); a conservative revolution whose success assured property rights but established republican government in place of monarchy. question Thomas Jefferson answer …, Virginian, architect, author, governor, and president. Lived at Monticello. Wrote the Declaration […]

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health topic test 12

question The skeletal system serves all of the following functions EXCEPT: answer The skeletal system aids in the production of hormones that signal muscle and hair growth. question All of the following are functions of smooth muscles EXCEPT: answer Heart beat question A signal from the nervous system that is sent from the brain to […]

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AP World History Chapter 26

question Great wall of china answer A system of fortified walls with a roadway along the top, constructed as a defense for China against the nomads of the regions that are now Mongolia and Manchuria: completed in the 3rd century b.c., but later repeatedly modified and rebuilt. 2000 mi. (3220 km) long. question Qing Dynasty […]

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American History chapter 6 test

question tariff answer a tax on foreign goods imported into a country question interest answer an extra sum of money that borrowers have to repay creditors in return for a loan question strict construction answer a belief that the government should not do anything that the constitution does not specifically say it can do question […]

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question Covenant Community answer A covenant community is a religious group whose members bind themselves to one another and to the group by a solemn agreement called a covenant question Direct Democracy answer Form of government in which people vote on policy initiatives directly, as opposed to a representative democracy in which people vote for […]

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CH 19 Margin Review Questions

question What accounts for the massive peasant rebellions of nineteenth century China? (933) answer • China’s population grew rapidly between 1685 and 1853, but agricultural production was unable to keep up; this led to growing pressure on the land, smaller farms for China’s huge peasant population, and, in all too many cases, unemployment, impoverishment, misery, […]

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10th grade World History Renaissance & Reformation

question Renaissance answer The revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th-16th centuries (also known as the rebirth) question Humanists answer A Renaissance scholar devoted to Humanism, italian scholars grammar, history, poetry rhetoric, education important to them, becoming involved in politics, art, human dignity, human individual achievement. question perspective […]

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EXAM – American History – Chapter 6 Test
31 Aug 2020 Database

question False answer T/F: The transcontinental railroad only connected points west of the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. question True answer T/F: Industrial growth in the US led to a concentration of wealth in the hands of a small number of labor leaders. question True answer T/F: Samuel Morse created a system of communication […]

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Art History Vocabulary Words

question Contrapposto answer The Classical convention of representing standing human figures with opposing alternations of tension and relaxation on each side of a central axis. question Allegory answer In a work of art, an image (or images) that symbolizes an idea, concept, or principle, often suggesting a deeper meaning or moral message. question Trecento answer […]

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APUSH Chapter 26 Critique Essay

question In World War II, the main American strategy to fight Japan was to answer mount two offensive campaigns to attack the Japanese from two directions. question In World War II, one of the primary American commanders in the Pacific was answer Chester Nimitz. question The Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942 answer marked […]

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ART: Time and Motion
25 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question closely linked elements in art answer time and motion question traditional art media answer motionless and timeless question unity answer imposition of order and harmony in a design question variety answer visual diversity that brings many different ideas, medias and elemnts together in one composition question balance answer distribution of elements, whether unified or […]

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History of Western Music Exam 1

question Melody answer succession of pitches question Rhythm answer patterns of accented and unaccented beats question Plainchant answer unaccompanied, monophonic music, no fixed rhythm or meter, such as Gregorian chant question Chanson answer secular French vocal music, polyphonic love songs question Medieval Time Period answer 600 AD to end of 15th century question Psalmody answer […]

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American History: The Modern Era Since 1865

question nationalism answer feeling of loyalty and devotion to one’s country, honoring that nation above all others and promoting its culture and interests rather than those of other nations question internal improvements answer roads, canals, and other transportation needs inside a nation’s boundaries question turnpike answer road barricaded by spiked poles where travelers stop to […]

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World History Chapter 1 Test

question Old Stone Age answer Paleolithic; people were nomads, used tools, fire, made cave paintings question New Stone Age answer Neolithic; began when people learned to farm (systematic agriculture) and domesticated animals, more sophisticated tools. Farming brought steady food supply, settled villages, involved more work than nomadic life. (Neolithic Revolution) question Prehistory answer the time […]

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AP World History-Unit 4 (1450-1750), Section 5

question Absolutism answer ~The acceptance of or belief in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters ~A monarchical form of government in which the monarch exercises ultimate governing authority as head of state and head of government question Constitutional monarch answer A monarchical form of government in which a monarch acts as head […]

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question Possible causes of blood in stool include: answer Diverticular disease. Diverticula are small pouches that project from the colon wall. Usually diverticula don’t cause problems, but sometimes they can bleed or become infected. Anal fissure . A small cut or tear in the tissue lining the anus similar to the cracks that occur in […]

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AP World History Group 3 Vocab

question Mediterranean Sea Lanes answer Definition: Trade routes connected the Mediterranean civilizations together. Cause: The need for a resources in other countries by sea travel. Effect: Trade increased and diffusion of cultures spread. question Eurasian Silk Roads answer Definition: caravan routes connecting China and the Middle East across Central Asia and Iran question Timbuktu answer […]

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Theories Test: 4

question Why does McLuhan contend that media environments are \”invisible\”? answer We are so immersed we don’t notice them. question According to McLuhan, the phonetic alphabet inspired? answer Linear thinking question McLuhan believed that the course of history was determined by changes in? answer Modes of communication question \”The medium is the message\” suggests that? […]

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US History Before 1877

question Oliver Cromwell answer Established the Navigation Acts under Charles II question Sir Robert Walpole answer Developed the Salutary Neglect: England’s beneficial policy of not interfering with American colonies affairs, that ways they could flourish. question Sir Edmund Andros answer Governor of the Dominion of New England until 1692, when the colonists rebelled and forced […]

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