Mercedes Benz of U.S.A “The Best or Nothing”- Mercedes Benz Essay Example
Mercedes Benz of U.S.A “The Best or Nothing”- Mercedes Benz Essay Example

Mercedes Benz of U.S.A “The Best or Nothing”- Mercedes Benz Essay Example

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  • Published: August 28, 2017
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Mercedes Benz is a widely respected brand that embodies luxury, reliability, reputation, and the mantra "The Best or Nothing." MBUSA, established by Max Hoffman in 1965 after importing Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1952, is responsible for selling and distributing Mercedes Benz products in the US. MBUSA's headquarters are located in Montvale, New Jersey with dealerships situated in northeast Ohio's Willoughby and Bedford. Additionally, Maybach, Smart, and Sprinter goods are included among MBUSA's offerings. Executive Vice President Joachim Schmidt handles Mercedes-Benz sales and marketing operations while GM of Corporate Finance Inigo Mazquiaran oversees financial aspects; Steve Cannon serves as CEO of MBUSA with Harald Henn filling the role of CFO and VP. With over 1500 employees nationwide working within the Car Dealership industry specifically focused on distribution/sales auto products partnering with 356 franchises employing up to 21,500 people themselves,


SWOT Analysis Strengths: (1) Highly recognizable name (2) Wide variety of luxury brands including Maybach Smart & Sprinter goods.

As a result of its strong national organization structure supported by numerous franchisees,Mercedes Benz has become a global leader in producing high-end automobiles.Despite its strengths, including a notable brand value and a reputation for innovation with pioneering technological advances such as diesel engines, fuel injection, and anti-locking brakes, Mercedes Benz must contend with weaknesses such as costly maintenance and higher prices than competitors. To overcome these challenges and tap into the burgeoning luxury car market driven by growing income levels, the company is exploring opportunities to develop hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles. However, there are still potential threats in the form of rising fuel costs and intense competition from other well-established car brands.

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