Marketing Syllabus Spring Essay Example
Marketing Syllabus Spring Essay Example

Marketing Syllabus Spring Essay Example

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  • Published: March 28, 2018
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The College of Business and Management at Lynn University strives to prepare graduates for leadership in the 21st century. Our faculty provides personalized attention and mentoring to assist students in enhancing their leadership abilities and intellectual capacities. We create a harmonious learning environment where faculty challenge students to develop administrative talents while promoting critical thinking skills. We encourage the acquisition of technological proficiency for efficient knowledge utilization and foster a comprehensive understanding of global changes. Specifically, we expect graduate students to acquire advanced competencies in critical thinking and analysis, enabling them to address current and future issues.

This course introduces students to the Super Bowl environment through various teaching methods that help achieve multiple objectives. These objectives include demonstrating trip planning and organization for the Super Bowl using scheduled events, suggested itineraries, and Google maps. Furthermore, this


course aims to provide an understanding of how the Local Organizing Committee prepares for the Super Bowl by explaining their organizational activities while creating promotional materials. It also involves evaluating the effectiveness of advertising techniques used in current and past Super Bowl campaigns, assessing their ability to raise awareness, position brands, or introduce new products.The objective of this course is to create a comprehensive marketing plan for launching a product during the Super Bowl. Additionally, students will learn how to use online presentation platforms and create Google maps. The teaching strategies used may include lectures, student discussions, videos, and faculty-student reviews. The learning activities are designed to improve analytical and creative thinking skills as well as professionalism. Analytical strategies involve tasks such as pre-reading assigned materials, problem-solving exercises, following procedures, note-taking, seeking clarifications, and taking exams. Creative approaches include

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relying on intuition in problem-solving, participating in debates and case studies analysis, self-assessing progress, seeking feedback from others, collaborating in groups and personalized learning experiences. To withdraw from the course without any record being kept, students must submit a written request through the Student Administrative Services Office before the specified deadline mentioned in the Academic Catalog's academic calendar.If a student withdraws from a course after the deadline, they will receive a "W" grade with no quality points or impact on their GPA calculation. The Academic Catalog sets a penalty-free withdrawal date. All students are expected to attend classes and take responsibility for learning the course material at Lynn University, regardless of attendance. Honesty and integrity are crucial to the institution's mission and community standards. The pursuit of knowledge, mutual respect, and trust among faculty, staff, and students rely on honor, integrity, and truthfulness. Personal integrity and reflection play a vital role in fulfilling their mission to educate responsible and ethical citizens in a global community. Violations of academic honesty policy such as cheating, infringing on others' academic rights, fabrication, plagiarism, and facilitation go against our community's values and standards. Therefore, it is the duty of faculty members, staff members,and students to uphold the highest level of integrity and honesty. If any incidents occur that involve potential violations of these standards,faculty members must report them to the Academic Dean in the Office of Academic Affairs.Faculty members should not independently resolve alleged incidents.The faculty member's report will be reviewed by the Academic Dean who will inform the student(s) if there is sufficient evidence supporting the alleged infraction(s).There are two options available for addressing an allegation, either informally

or formally. If the allegation could result in suspension, a formal process must be followed. In informal resolutions, the Academic Dean will send a written notification to the student about the allegations and potential sanctions. The student then has ten days to respond by signing a form and requesting a meeting with the Academic Dean to discuss the allegations and proposed sanctions or by accepting responsibility for the violation and agreeing with recommended sanctions. Failure to respond within thirty days will lead to an account hold being placed on their account, forfeiting their right to resolve the allegation.

If an alleged violation may lead to suspension or dismissal from the university, or if both parties request a formal resolution, they will be notified by the Academic Dean. A formal hearing will be conducted by seven full-time faculty members appointed annually by the VP for Academic Affairs. The committee chair, who is also the Academic Dean, will not have voting privileges. Additionally, the Vice-President for Student Development automatically serves as a committee member. The Academic Dean will promptly schedule a hearing and inform all involved parties of its time and locationIf a student who is accused requests, the Academic Dean will assist in finding a university community member to offer guidance for preparing for the hearing. All parties involved will have an opportunity to present evidence to the committee. The proceedings and records of the hearings will remain confidential. Once all testimony has been given, the committee will convene privately and vote on the student's status at the university. The penalties for guilty students may vary depending on the severity and intent of academic dishonesty. These penalties

include being placed on academic honor probation until graduation, a minimum sanction of one semester suspension from the university if there is a second violation while on academic honor probation, and receiving an "F" grade in addition to academic honor probation for that assignment or test. Students who receive an "F" in the course or are suspended or dismissed from the university will have this noted as "HP" and/or "Academic Honor Suspension (Dismissal)" on their transcript. A letter outlining the violation and sanction will be added to their permanent record. Copies of this letter will also be sent to the faculty member, College Dean, and Vice-President for Student Development. Appeals can be made within ten days of receiving the original decision tothe Vice-President for Academic Affairs if there is new evidence, additional information, or procedural errors or misconduct.A final decision bythe Vice-President cannot be further appealed.Answers provided by OpenAI are based on algorithms trained on a diverse range of data but do not constitute official legal advice

It is against university policy to administer a final examination before its designated date. Unless approved by the Dean of the College of Business and Management for extreme and sensitive cases, no final exams will be given for this course other than on the specified day and time. Make-up examinations will only be given under certain circumstances. Students should plan accordingly, especially if they have travel plans after the term ends.

Lynn University provides reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you require special accommodations, please contact the DAD Compliance Officer at 61-237-7069 or [email protected]

to document and define your needs. Instructors must be provided with a form stating your accommodations; these accommodations cannot be applied retroactively. The Academic DAD Specialist can be found in the Green Center.

In order to receive an incomplete grade in a course, you must submit documentation explaining extenuating circumstances that prevent you from meeting course requirements and learning outcomes. Additionally, you must have completed at least 2/3 of the term and have a passing grade when applying for an incomplete grade.
To apply for an incomplete in one or more courses, obtain and complete the incomplete application form along with appropriate documentation, then submit it to the dean of students.

The dean of students will review the application for eligibility and if approved, return it to the student. The student must then bring it to their course professor. Together, they will create a contract outlining required coursework and submission deadline. Once agreed upon and signed by both parties, the professor will submit it to their college's dean who will review and approve the contract. The dean will sign the contract, making it officially binding. Copies of this contract will be distributed to all involved parties: professor, student, dean of students, and Registrar. Each recipient should properly file their respective copy.

The professor will keep a copy of the form while placing the original in the student's file within their major's college. The form will be available online with information such as current grade, specific assignments with due dates (within one year past final grade's original due date), and a statement indicating that an incomplete result (grade "W") will be given if requirements are not met.

There are limitations on

withdrawals - eight for undergraduate courses and three for graduate courses. Assignments must be submitted exclusively through Blackboard's Assignment link. Contact IT Help Desk at 561-2377979 if you need assistance with Blackboard.

Late papers without penalty can only be accepted with prior consent from the professor.
Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis for exceptional circumstances. The professor's discretion is the sole determinant in allowing makeup papers after extensive discussion regarding specific sensitive assessments. Students are expected to actively participate, contribute, and collaborate in group projects. Once team members are chosen, they must agree on work assignments and resource allocation. Failure to fulfill commitments will result in a failing grade for the project. For activities with guest presenters and field study visits, students must dress in business casual attire. If the instructor deems a student's appearance inappropriate, they will not be allowed to participate.Students should consult with the instructor regarding academic matters related to this course.It is important for students to be familiar with information from the Lynn University Academic Catalog.The professor will provide required texts, articles, videos, and emails throughout the term on Blackboard.Suggested reading includes Street ;Smith's Sports Business Journal available at www.Sportiveness]urinal.Com.Each student is responsible for completing all assignments and participating in discussion board postings on Blackboard.Details about each project can be found in the syllabus and assignments can be completed in any order.It is recommended to complete one project every two weeks and submit discussion board posts weekly.All work must be submitted by Friday Feb.27 at 11 pm and properly posted on Blackboard. Grading is based on the following system: - Deal Maker: 20 points - SUB LOC Discussion Board: 100 points

- SUB Advertising: 100 points - Launch Party: 100 points The grades for each factor will be posted progressively throughout the semester and accessible through the University's online Blackboard system. Final grades will be rounded to the nearest whole number. A grade of 0.5 will be rounded up to the nearest whole number, while student grades will not be rounded to the nearest tenth. Therefore, if a student's total is 78, their grade will be 78. Similarly, if a student's total is 78.50, their grade will be 79.

The allocation of grades for each factor listed follows this guideline:
- BC+ c
- 93-100
69 and below.

For every Discussion Board post, it is required to write at least two paragraphs expressing your views on the chosen topic.While personal opinion is the main basis of your response, providing documented support for your opinion can be beneficial.Once your classmates have posted their original response, you must comment on their post in a respectful manner that directly addresses their response.This format aims to create a sense of community within our class and encourages considering various perspectives on the same situation.
Engaging with your peers in timely comments enhances the quality of our discussion board.To successfully secure a multi-million dollar deal with a major automotive parts company from Detroit during the Super Bowl and its surrounding events, our task is to create a comprehensive five-day itinerary (Thursday-Monday) for the top five executives. This group consists of three men and two ladies, and we have been allotted a budget of ASK which can be utilized as deemed suitable.

As the organizer, it is crucial for us to carefully

plan and address various aspects of the trip. This includes identifying which events should be attended, locating appropriate accommodations, selecting restaurants for meals, finding shopping areas, discovering local attractions and points of interest, as well as coordinating other essential activities. Our itinerary must incorporate at least four Super Bowl XSL activities, two non-sanctioned events not affiliated with NFG (National Football League), and one Super Bowl Sponsored event directly connected to NFG. Moreover, it is important to provide our guests with personalized maps that outline all selected activities/hotels/restaurants along with significant areas.

To ensure a smooth experience for our guests during their stay in town, we should anticipate their needs by considering driving times, parking information availability of tour guides attire suggestions based on weather forecast , airport details including flight information ,and rental car options. By making their trip more convenient and hassle-free, we increase our chances of successfully closing the deal.To ensure a successful business trip, it is crucial to schedule uninterrupted meeting time with your boss and guests. Paying attention to detail is essential. As part of this assignment, you must create a personalized cover letter, along with a detailed itinerary and map for your future guests. Remember to include a budget that outlines how the assigned spending limit will be used, as well as any notes for your boss regarding the itinerary. Save these documents as files and post them on Blackboard. To effectively organize the trip, create an itinerary that includes all necessary destinations related to the trip.

Congratulations on being chosen as a new employee of this year's Super Bowl Local Host Committee! Your task is to design a promotional piece showcasing

8 top Super Bowl events in your host city. This promo piece will be distributed to potential sponsors, visitors, and local community centers in order to introduce and promote the selected events at this year's Super Bowl. Your challenge is to identify the top 8 events and design a promotional presentation that provides in-depth information about each event. Explain what events they are, why they are exciting, and why viewers would find them interesting. Additionally, provide information about who will be attending these events and where the proceeds will go. The goal is not only to excite and educate readers but also demonstrate the magnitude of the event you highlighted at this year's Super BowlYou can choose Super Bowl-related events that are directly linked to the Super Bowl itself, the NFL as a whole, or local football-focused events for specific reasons. Since your project will be distributed nationwide, it is crucial to create a professional presentation. This is your opportunity to creatively market these thrilling events on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and explore the events surrounding the Super Bowl. To begin, visit the Official website of the Local Organizing Committee Super Bowl Host Committee and review the listed events to familiarize yourself with them. Then, select the 8 most exciting events for visitors. While not every event may have comprehensive information provided on the website, there will be initial details along with supplementary information to enhance your understanding of each event.

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