Distinguish between beliefs, values and customs

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Distinguish between beliefs, values and customs. Illustrate how the clothing a person wears at different times Is Influenced by customs. Beliefs consist of the very large number of mental or verbal statements that reflect a person’s particular knowledge and assessment of something.

Values are also beliefs, however, values differ from other beliefs because they must meet certain criteria: (a) they are relatively few in number, (b) they serve as a guide for culturally appropriate behavior, (c) they are enduring or difficult to change, (d) they are not tied to specific objects or situations, and (e) they are widely accepted by the members of a society. Customs are overt modes of behavior that constitute culturally approved or acceptable ways of behaving in specific situations.

Students’ answers on clothing will vary based on their experiences. Listen for sexist or ethnic stereotyping as students share their opinions. 2. How would you decide whether it was worth the trouble of measuring social values In order to develop an advertising campaign? . Give a consumer behavior example from your own experience of each of the following types of cultural learning: a) formal learning b) informal learning technical learning. ) 4. Discuss the Importance of subcultures In segmenting the market for food products. Identify a particular product and show how It should be marketed differently to different ethnic groups. 5. Foxhole is marketing pay television services in Australia.

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