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Marketing Strategies psychology Persuasive
Marketing Strategies psychology Persuasive

Marketing Strategies psychology Persuasive

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  • Published: October 8, 2018
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The marketing strategy is considered to be an important element in the arsenal of every organization and that is the reason why the TP bowling must focus on their marketing strategy in an effective and an efficient way. Mission TP bowling mission is to provide their customer a wide range of facilities through which they can satisfy their needs of entertainment. Emphasis is laid on the adherence and ambience of the organization and the organization is striving hard in ensuring experience that is filled with quality.

Marketing Mix Product: The service that is offered is of bowling and high quality pins and balls are used by the organization.

The gutter is made up of top quality substance. Emphasis is laid on customer satisfaction and customers are valued the most in this bowling alley. The environment is positioned in such a way that it gives a classy look and the customers would feel privileged when they go TP Bowling.

Price: The price that should be set for the single game of bowling is AUD 45.99.

The price is set so high because the target market is upper class and it’s a niche in the entire market. The approach of setting that is used for setting the price so high is because the organization wants to skim the market. That is reason why a skimming pricing strategy is used by the organization. The demand of the product is inelastic and change in the price would not affect the demand because TP bowling offers high class facilities and top notch equipment to its customers.

Place: TP bowling would start its operations from top locations of Melbourne.

The bowling alley would be located near the Yar


ra River. Food oriented facilities would be supplied by the local suppliers and all the other recreational facilities will be offered in the bowling alley.

Promotion: A pull strategy would be used by the organization and a multi-pronged activity would be used by the organization. The organization would use Television and internet as the major sources of promotion and they must also engage in certain brand activation activities like organize trade shows and etc. Therefore, from the marketing mix it can be clearly said that TP bowling is intended for people who belong to upper class of the society and that is the reason why the price set for the services are too high.

Budget Main costs of setting up a bowling alley are stated below:

Expenses Costs Cost of Lease $ 60,000. 00

Cost of equipment $ 375,000. 00

Operating Costs $ 42,000. 00

Administrative Costs $ 300,000. 00 Registration Costs $ 5,000.00

Total Costs in the first year $ 782,000. 00

Action Plan

The action plan of the entire marketing plan is discussed below. This plan would contain the type of activity that is to be performed, who performs this activity and what is the actual time line.

Action Plan Milestones Starting date

End date Budget Manager Department Completion of Marketing Plan 1/6/2009 3/6/2009 $0 Mr. X Marketing Completion Of Website 1/6/2009 25/6/2009 $5,000 Mr.X

Marketing Advertising Campaign # 1 10/6/2009 2/7/2009 $11,000

Mr. Y Marketing Advertising Campaign # 2 10/6/2009 2/7/2009 $8,000

Mr. Z Marketing Opening of Bowling Alley 2/6/2009

Direct Marketing Activities 1/7/2009 2/8/2009 $5,000


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MarketingThis action plan includes all the necessary elements which incorporates all the necessary advertising activities and direct marketing activities. It’s a hypothetical action plan and it is subject to changes because actual dates cannot be quoted and they vary because of changing economic conditions.

Control Procedures

There are certain risks involved in the plan that is the reason why organizations do contingency planning. In this marketing plan the risks that are associated are over stating the prices and in order to implement price skimming strategy the prices of products are inflated as a result of which customers backfire.The demand is over estimated and it would costs the organization in both the short and the long run. The visibility of the plan can be questioned and assumptions can harm the entire marketing plan. These risks are not that worst and they can be managed easily if contingency planning is done appropriately.

There are certain risks that are involved in this plan that can damage the organization. Determining the fact that business is unable to support itself on on-going basis and they organization to liquidate its assets in order to cover its liabilities.Conclusion Therefore, it can be said that TP bowling is a bowling alley that is opting for an expansionary policy and its entering into the Australian market. The Australian market might seem to be good for them because of its economical growth.

Furthermore, the market demographics are linked with the mission and the target market of TP bowling. The marketing strategy and the advertising plans of TP bowling are proactive and they are opting for an offensive marketing strategy to target their desired customers.The core target market of the organization is upper class and that is the reason why the prices of this bowling alley are relatively high. List of


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