Marketing Management Final Project Sample Essay Example
Marketing Management Final Project Sample Essay Example

Marketing Management Final Project Sample Essay Example

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  • Published: December 18, 2017
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Opportunity Analysis Company Transportation

Located at the junction of three provinces, Exiting benefits from easy transportation access. Within a two-hour drive, visitors from major cities such as Shanghai, Hangout, or Ouzos can reach Exiting. In addition, there are direct and non-direct shuttle coaches available from these major cities to Exiting.

General Information

The entire area of Exiting town is 83.61 square kilometers, with a population of sixty thousand. The old town of Exiting, on the other hand, covers only 1.04 square kilometers. The average temperature throughout the year is approximately 15.8 degrees Celsius. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, while January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 4.5 degrees Celsius.

Economically, tourism plays a major role in the income of residents in Exiting. The tourism indu


stry in Exiting has experienced significant growth in recent years. Records show that the number of tourists visiting Exiting increases by 25% annually. In 2009, the total tourism income reached approximately 4.5 billion RMI.

Fast thriving of exiting was attributed to two main factors. Firstly, the establishment of the "Exiting Movie and Television base" in collaboration with the Chinese Film Association in 2003 led to a massive production of films and dramas. Secondly, successful international events and cultural activities held throughout the year attracted an increasing number of tourists.

Consumer Students

Students, who have limited purchasing power, find the expenses in Exiting highly affordable. Therefore, choosing to visit Exiting allows them to spend less money while creating cherished memories. According to primary sources, the average expenditure per person for a two-day visit is estimated to be around RHOMB t

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300 ARM, which is significantly lower than the cost of a luxurious dinner in a metropolitan area.

Office Workers

Exiting is also beneficial for office workers who face high work pressure. They can visit Exiting with their family and loved ones on weekends and rejuvenate themselves in the calming environment.


There are several similar watery towns in Jagging and Jungian provinces, such as Wheeze, Gauzing, Toning, etc. Among these competitors, Wheeze poses the main challenge for Exiting. Wheeze is located in the Tattooing city of Jagging Province, China, approximately 57 kilometers from Wheeze Tourists Development Ltd., a company.

Wheeze has gained a steady and international reputation. The well-organized office website provides detailed information on restaurants, tourist attractions, accommodations, and cultural activities for tourists. Additionally, the presence of five-star hotels, luxury restaurants, and clubs has allowed Wheeze to successfully target high-income consumers. The availability of a variety of cultural activities during peak seasons appeals to different types of consumers. Moreover, Wheeze uses price bundling to incentivize tourists to choose tour combos that include transportation, meals, accommodation, and cultural activities. Despite these strengths, Wheeze also has some weaknesses.

Due to its smaller size, Wheeze tends to get crowded on weekends and during festivals. This hinders people from truly experiencing the charm of a watery town. Additionally, accommodation prices are higher than usual during these periods. It is evident that Wheeze has also undergone commercialization in recent years, with some natural resources being replaced by artificial structures. As a result, tourists no longer feel the authenticity of the original Wheeze.

Market Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning


In order to effectively identify and target the various groups

of people interested in traveling to Wheeze, we use different variables for segmentation. Specifically, we focus on economic status (budget size) and nationalities segmentation.

The economic status segmentation refers to individuals of varying income levels. The nationalities segmentation includes people from different countries, including China, Japan, Russia, and America.


Economic status (budget size) - low budget Exiting is currently targeting individuals with moderate to low budgets. The goods and services in Exiting are highly affordable due to the conservative development implemented by the local government. For instance, the inns in Exiting have a price range of approximately RHOMB to RHOMB per night. Additionally, based on various firsthand sources, the average expenditure for a 2-day tour in Exiting is consistently reported to be around RHOMB to RHOMB per person.

Exiting does not cater to high-income individuals due to the lack of high-quality hotels and premium restaurants. It may only be suitable for wealthy individuals looking to walk around and enjoy the view, but not for overnight stays. The majority of service staff in local establishments speak Chinese, and some older locals may only speak the local dialect.


Exiting aims to target local vacationers with medium or low purchasing power. Therefore, it should position itself as a historic cultural town in China that offers a quality Chinese cultural tour experience at a lower cost.

Marketing Mix Product features The key advantage of visiting Exiting is to witness the rich heritage of the ancient Chinese watery town. Exiting boasts a serene and picturesque environment, with meandering rivers and impeccably preserved historic buildings. One notable attraction is the main corridor known as "You Change Lang," which

stretches for approximately one thousand kilometers and resembles a graceful silk belt following the course of the river. Additionally, there are enchanting tales surrounding Exiting and this captivating corridor, enhancing the tourists' understanding of this remarkable destination.

The Land of fish and Rice is an exciting place known for its basis fish, bred and grown in the lake. The fish is renowned for its fresh, nice meat quality and rich nutrition. Additionally, the Red of June crabs are famous for their delicious taste and fresh meat. These crabs come from the river in June of the lunar calendar and turn brightly red after steaming in clean water. In the corridors along the ceilings, tourists can discover various handcrafts in small featured shops, such as earnings, long dresses, and stylish clothes.

Those are all made by local people and it is difficult to purchase from elsewhere. There are many other activities that tourists can participate in. Boat rentals are available daily from 2pm until 10pm. Tourists have the option to rent a boat and enjoy the breathtaking view along the canals, which lasts approximately 30 minutes. Additional activities such as the lantern festival and Chinese New Year will also be offered during specific times.

Pricing Strategy

In the face of tough competition with other similar watery towns, Exiting has an advantage with its pricing strategy.

Exiting's objective is to achieve market share leadership. Among its competitors, Exiting stands out in terms of the clearness, peacefulness, and watery town impression it offers. The ticket for Exiting is RHOMB, which includes 11 tourist attractions. For those who prefer a leisurely experience, they can opt for RHOMB and simply enjoy the side

walking. Heritage guesthouses owned by residents are available for accommodation, with prices averaging around RHOMB per night for two people. Prices may be higher on weekends and holidays. Visitors can easily find featured dishes in various restaurants, with most dishes costing around RHOMB. The recommended cuisines typically range around RHOMB per dish.

The prices for local handcrafts are affordable. For example, earrings cost approximately RHOMBI per pair, and dresses are priced at approximately RHOMB per item. When it comes to activities, the regular price for renting a boat is RHOMB per boat for six people. However, tourists can choose to share a boat with others, which reduces the cost to RHOMB per person. Despite having slightly weaker accommodations and services compared to other places, Exiting still offers good value due to its exceptional natural environment.


Distribution refers to consumers' accessibility to the product. Exiting employs a multi-level distribution channel.

Tourists have two options for buying tickets and tour packages for Exiting: they can either do so at the entrance or through travel agencies. However, due to Exiting's status as an old town that is less popular among Chinese tourists, only a few large travel agencies offer direct tour packages to Exiting. Most travel agencies only include Exiting as one of the tourist spots in their tours. Additionally, promotional advertising for Exiting is predominantly found in Asia rather than in the western countries. These advertisements primarily emphasize Exiting's identity as an ancient water town.

Furthermore, the official website showcases various videos that provide an overview of the history and scenic beauty of Exiting.


Exiting actively participates in exhibitions to promote its attractions. One such exhibition is the Taiwan-Jagging

Trading and Cultural Exchange Exhibition, where bilateral governments and travel agencies come together to promote Exiting. Additionally, the captivating environment of Exiting appeals not only to tourists but also to filmmakers, as evidenced by TV shows and films.

The well-known Hollywood movie "Mission Impossible Ill" features numerous exciting scenes that showcase the historic and classical Chinese town of Exiting. This film helps to promote the town and introduce it to more foreign countries. As a result, the town has been able to attract an increasing number of Chinese filmmakers who come to shoot Chinese costume dramas, further enhancing its reputation.

Targeting and positioning

We believe that Exiting can appeal to both Chinese people and foreigners. By participating in the Shanghai Expo this summer, the number of tourists visiting Exiting has increased by 116% over the course of a month.

Additionally, tourists seeking premium and international services can easily travel between Exiting and nearby big cities in one day due to its geographical advantage. Convenient hotels and transportation options are readily available in these cities. As a result, Exiting has the potential to be positioned as a destination for historical and cultural tours for people from around the world. Moreover, it can also serve as a complementary tourist spot to Shanghai.

By implementing the aforementioned strategies, Exiting can achieve sustainable tourism development in the near future. One recommendation is to strengthen government protection measures. Even though the government has taken a conservative approach to development, there have been instances of damage due to increased commercial activities. For instance, some restaurants and hotels have been illegally discharging effluent into canals, leading to a decline in water quality compared to previous years.

Additionally, there have been manmade damages to heritage architectures. Therefore, the local government should enforce stricter regulations on littering and sewage disposal while also promoting the protection of heritage sites.


Service plays a crucial role in determining customer satisfaction levels.

It is important for Exiting to focus on the quality of hotels, restaurants, and other services such as a multi-language tour guide. Some foreign tourists may have complaints about the local tour guides' lack of effective communication. This is because most of them only speak Mandarin and may not have received adequate professional training to meet higher tour guide standards. Therefore, in order for Exiting to succeed in the larger market, it is highly necessary to provide professional training for multi-language speaking and improved tour guide services.


Scheduling plays a crucial role in successfully organizing events.

Due to the differences between the Chinese and Western calendars in terms of festivals and holidays, it is important to hold activities accordingly. Rather than organizing Christmas events in Exiting, the focus should be on identifying the periods of Western holidays such as Easter in April, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. For instance, during Easter, it would be ideal to appreciate cuckoos in Exiting. By promoting these types of events, it can attract foreigners. To attract more tourists, it is recommended to increase the variety of cultural activities in Exiting. This can include activities like hopscotch, throw sandbags, and guessing games, which can be provided during a specific time period in the summer holidays.

During traditional Chinese festivals, Exiting organizes cultural activities such as dumpling wrapping and traditional painting to engage with the audience. These interactions aim to leave a

positive impression and add excitement to tourists' Exiting experience. Visit the official website, wryExiting.

Com. CNN serves as the representation of Exiting. The official website needs to be user-friendly and effectively communicate with existing and potential consumers. Unfortunately, the Exiting website falls short in meeting these expectations in certain areas.

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