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Essay about Marketing

Essay about Marketing

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Virgin Mobile customers have exclusive access to MET, VHF, and Nickelodeon based content. This strategy appeals to the youth as most of their customers are MET followers. Moreover, MET networks house some of the most recognized youth brands in the country, making it a perfect match for Virgin Mobile's target market. Customers can easily vote for their favorite videos on shows like Mats "Total Request Live" through their phones. They also have the option to personalize their phones by adding new characters such as graphics, ring tones, text alerts, and voice mail.

In addition to the MET-branded content, Virgin Mobile offers text messaging, online real-time billing, rescue ring, wake-up call, fun clips, the hit list, music messenger, and movies. Text messaging is an important selling point for youth as they prefer texting over making phon


e calls. It is also a discreet form of communication for them since parents cannot monitor their conversations. This accounts for the high volume of text messages sent. Online real-time billing allows customers to view call details and track their monthly bills.

Rescue ring is a new feature that may pleasantly surprise customers. Many young individuals rely on their cell phones as alarm clocks nowadays. Various wake-up calls will surely be a favorite among the youth.

The ring tone is a reflection of a person's music taste and personality, making it a popular choice among young customers. Additionally, features such as fun clips and the hit list allow users to stay updated and connect with their friends easily. This unique value proposition is likely to generate more usage and foster customer loyalty in the youth market, resulting in high profitability for

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Virgin Mobile. Unlike other cellular providers, Virgin Mobile adopts channeling and merchandising strategies that specifically cater to its target market. While most providers sell their products in their own retail outlets, Virgin Mobile distributes its products in places where young people shop, such as Target, Sam Goody music stores, and Best Buy. These shopping locations are considered cool by young people and are also preferred destinations for purchasing consumer electronic products.

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