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Economic reforms In the country are still underway along with legal, tax and ejaculatory developments with the market requirements. The future potential of the Malaysian economy is largely subject to such reforms and can alter the efficiency of the government’s economic, financial and monetary policy. Video surveillance sullenest segment Is the dominating segment In terms of total revenue contribution since 2008. The segment contributed more than 40% of the total revenue in the year 2008.

It will continue to be the largest contributor in the electronic security equipments over the years, growing at a CARR of -?% during 2013-2018. The use of Video surveillance equipments such as CATV cameras Is expected to increase over the years. Government initiatives to increase the number of Sects in public places, roads and others would spur the demand for this segment In the near future. Growing demand for NV, IP cameras for security of residential purpose would also lad the market growth.

Video surveillance equipment would be closely followed by biometrics systems in terms of revenue generation. However, with increasing commercial, non residential projects In the country, the demand for Access control systems would Increase and will overtake the biometric system segment in the year 2018. It is expected that the entry of international branded players in Malaysia will Increase competition In the domestic market and consequently result In reducing the prices, thus proving beneficial for the end users”, according to the Research Analyst.

Ken Research. The report titled “Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Industry Outlook to 2018 – Increasing Demand for CATV Cameras to Spur Growth” provides detailed overview on the Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Market. This report helps reader to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in future pending upon changing industry dynamics In coming years.

The report will help Industry consultants, CATV distributors, electronic security equipments manufacturers, dealers to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in the future. Market Size of Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Market by Value, 2008-2013 Value Chain of Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Market- Market Segmentation of Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Market by Types of Equipments, 2008-2018- Market Segmentation of Malaysia Electronic Security

Equipment Market by Market Structure, 2008-2013- Trends and Developments in Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Market- Competitive Landscape of Major Players in Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Market- Future Outlook and Projections in Malaysia Electronic Security Equipment Market, 2014-2018. Browse & Download Report with TCO- http://www. Snatcher. Com/networking-and- telecommunications/electronic-security-industry/Malaysia-electronic-security- equipment-market-research-report/528-96. HTML Contact Person- Ankara Guppy Contact Email Id- [email protected] Com

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