Lost in the Global Shopping Mall Essay Example
Lost in the Global Shopping Mall Essay Example

Lost in the Global Shopping Mall Essay Example

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  • Published: December 13, 2017
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The loss of our cultural voice results in the suppression of our independent critical and political voice.

Canada's ongoing discussions highlight how free trade is transforming economic policies and social awareness. Our membership in multinational organizations such as FTA and NAFTA has shifted our focus from citizens' needs and worries, which have historically been fundamental to Canadian society, towards greater emphasis on commerce. Despite bringing advancements to our community, Linda Mcquaig's article "Lost in the Global Shopping Mall" argues that this involvement has jeopardized government sovereignty and moved us away from social consciousness toward economic power. According to Mcquaig, free trade has also created a new set of international regulations that prioritize corporate profit-making rights over human, labor or social rights.

It is crucial to acknowledge that Canada's economic and social values rely heavily on fo


reign trade for income and employment when assessing the influence of free trade. Proponents of free trade contend that it strengthens Canada's global competitiveness and advances globalization. The implementation of free trade resulted in substantial beneficial effects on the Canadian economy, as demonstrated by a shift from a 16 billion dollar deficit federal operating budget to a surplus of 6.6 billion dollars.

Trade between Canada and the US increased by 25% in the first year of their agreement, while Canadian exports to the US grew by 180% over three years. Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney considers this partnership a model for promoting global justice and equality. Nevertheless, there are concerns that Canadian societal values may be jeopardized due to the new deal as some believe foreign corporations' profits receive greater legal protection than individuals facing torture or unjust imprisonment.

6 From a certain perspective,

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it may seem that the Canadian government has made significant changes to its trading habits to increase job opportunities and maintain economic growth by engaging in this agreement, although there are drawbacks to this type of involvement. However, with international laws and policies, there's a concern that we could become more of a policy follower than a policy maker. While signing such a massive agreement between two nations, it is not impossible to assume that our sovereignty might not be affected, but it's also conceivable that our ability to make individual laws distinct from the US may become more difficult. Richard Lipsey believes that enhancing Canadian prosperity is the most effective way to reinforce its sovereign capacity and improve its social and cultural policies. 7 Nonetheless, various nations with social programs that vary significantly have traded successfully without needing to merge or jeopardize their own social programs or convictions in the past.

According to Richard Rosencrance, the value of technology used to produce goods is surpassing the value of land as more domestic production occurs abroad. Rosencrance and Mcquaig share the belief that the government no longer has complete control over resources as they negotiate with both foreign and domestic companies to incentivize economic growth, a trend that has eroded traditional borders. Consequently, foreign companies and laborers receive favorable economic and political treatment that domestic companies do not. Ultimately, weighing the pros and cons of free trade leaves a murky perception of the situation.

For Canada, our economy heavily relies on exporting goods to the United States. As a capitalist democracy, endorsing and taking advantage of these trade lines has become a natural extension. Despite

the slight loss of sovereignty and social responsibility, the economic prosperity gained from trade agreements funds our government, social programs, and ultimately supports our high standard of living.

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