Louis Vuitton Case Analysis Essay Example
Louis Vuitton Case Analysis Essay Example

Louis Vuitton Case Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: August 17, 2017
  • Type: Case Analysis
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Key Issue

Louis Vuitton is a flagship group of LVMH. which had dual digit growing during 2010 and 2011. Michael Burke. the new CEO of LV group is unsure about whether the group can turn sustainable. The chief issue he current brush is that how to force LV to turn steadily and protect LV’s values and heritage from being undermined.

External Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

Political: The planetary luxury goods market can divide into America. Europe. Japan. Asia-Pacific. and remainder of states by part. Overall. the major luxury goods ingestion states have comparatively stable political environment in recent old ages. However. in southern Europe. the governments’ fiscal convulsion and asceticism steps indicated an underlying weakening demand of luxury goods for local people. But the spread was filled by travellers from other states. The import responsibility policy in different states is an


other factor should be considered in the industry. The high import responsibility will be portion ground of high monetary value differences between different states.

Consequently. the gray market can be formed in the states which have high monetary value differences. Economic: The major companies in this industry are based in Europe. so the euro exchange rate will be an of import factor to the industry. The growing rate will be different by being measured with euro footings and nominal footings. In order to extinguish the exchange rate influence. the changeless exchange rate measuring should be used. Presently. the luxury goods market has approximately 15 % changeless nominal growing rate. Another of import economic impact factor is the world’s economic status. The universe economic encountered a recession stage around 2008. which slowed down the products’ monetary value addition rate. Recently. the universe

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economic status has been bit by bit recovered. and the high demand in Asia-Pacific part contributes more grosss to the industry. and the part will hold high growing rate in old ages by appraisal.

Sociocultural: In the planetary luxury goods industry. most of clients regard luxury goods that made in Europe as more valuable merchandises than those made in Asia and US. This behavior brings competitory advantages to the European luxury trade names. Furthermore. clients in different states have different purchase behaviours. For case. some countries’ clients are willing to travel off from common recognized trade name. because they want to buy more sole merchandises. Furthermore. because of the increasing velocity of globalisation. people are more likely willing to go between different states. These travellers will purchase luxury good during their trips. In fact. Chinese tourers contributed over one tierce of gross revenues in Europe. The luxury goods industry should detect to set the existent demand between local people and tourers in Europe part. Technological: As the popularisation of online shopping method. most of luxury companies opened their online store to supply more convenient shopping experiences for clients.

This method can assist companies make more possible clients who live in countries that do non hold brands’ physical shops. The engineering development besides helps the industry manufactories merchandises more expeditiously. The debut of automotive machine partially reduced employees’ degree of specialisation and increased productiveness. However. the betterment of mechanization besides can sabotage the entreaty of the trade names. because the absolute and aspirational client sections by and large want merchandises which are produced by craftsmans.

Environmental: The planetary personal luxury goods industry may hold negative impact to environmental facet

if the mills have hapless pollution control abilities. Some companies besides destroy alternatively of dismissing their extra merchandise in order to maintain the products’ value. which may do extra waste and recycle force per unit area. but the instance did non provided adequate information for the environmental facet.

Legal: For some companies. acquisition is one of of import method to turn companies’ size and profitableness. but the acquisition is restricted by jurisprudence. For illustration. Gallic jurisprudence requires that one company should describe its purchase action to the other company if it holds more than 5 % ownership. If the company uses other ways to besiege the jurisprudence. it may confront case issues later on. Decision: Overall. the planetary luxury goods industry still has high potency to growing sustainably in the hereafter. Since the market of this industry is worldwide. companies’ grosss will non mostly affected by a individual state or part. The of import thing is to maintain the balance of enlargement between different states. Companies should besides be carful about increasing production effectivity while retain the heritage value of the trade names.

Five-forces Model

Degree of Rivalry: The grade of competition is moderate in the planetary personal luxury goods industry. The industry is really concentrated and occupied by few big participants. These companies do non necessitate compete with monetary value ; nevertheless. they have high convergence of products’ class. Most of companies have several common features. They have long history and start concern in Europe countries ; they all provide sole merchandises and services backed by their trade names ; and they all served few sum of wealthiest clients over the universe. Menace of New Entrants: The

menace of new entrants is really low in this industry. Most of the companies have over a 100 year’s history and their trade names are based on their heritage and tradition. Even a new company with a big sum of initial capital wants to step in the industry ; it is really difficult for the company to construct a high repute over the universe in a short term period. Many clients in this industry will value merchandises by their trade names.

Supplier Power: Since there are a few big luxury companies dominate the industry but the providers are comparatively decentralized. the provider power is rather low. Many companies have their ain in-house mills and merely beginning constituent parts. In this industry. providers have to run into the constituent parts’ high quality demand every bit good as viing with qualified mills over the universe. The mills in different states have different labour and stuff costs. which can be a factor that restricts supplier power.

Buyer Power: The purchaser power degree is low to chair in the luxury goods industry. This industry has three client sections which are: absolute. aspirational and accessible. The first two client sections care more about products’ quality than the products’ monetary value. They have high net worth and seek faultless merchandises ; these consumers are the most monetary value insensitive group. and they even expect high monetary value merchandises which most people can non afford. On the other side. the accessible client group is more monetary value witting ; but they besides willing to purchase high monetary value merchandises with conformable quality.

Therefore. the industry can command the monetary value and retain a high one-year

growing degree. Menace of Substitutions: The luxury goods about have no direct permutations. Although the merchandises such as pocketbooks. tickers. jewelry. cosmetics and aromas ever have lower monetary value permutations. the absolute and aspirational clients will non take these permutations into consideration. The accessible clients may buy comparatively lower monetary value merchandises. but they besides have lower part to the industry growing than the other two sections. Decision: The luxury goods industry is a high profitable industry with low outside menace. There are merely few big participants in the industry and they server to the most affluent people in the universe. The luxury companies have high power to command the monetary value so they have ability to growing sustainably.

Internal Analysis


Valuable: The trade name of Louis Vuitton is valuable because it has long history and high repute over the universe. Throughout over a hundred old ages of accretion. people recognized the trade name as a mark of high value merchandises. The company’s tight pricing and distribution schemes help to retain high quality of merchandises and services. The merchandises will non be sold at price reduction monetary value so they will retain valuable through a long clip period. LV’s originative design and invention help the company stay at the top topographic point and maintain high profitableness in the industry. Furthermore. LVMH group can be a strong support of LV. The group’s strong profitableness and runing ability can profit LV’s trade name image enlargement. Rare: There are merely few big participants in the planetary personal luxury goods industry.

Fiscal Analysis

Keep the same velocity of international enlargement. steadily develop Asia-Pacific market. and maintain the same or higher degree of

merchandise and service quality.


  • Relatively less hazardous
  • Easy to retain LV’s high value image
  • Maintain sustainable growing potency
  • Loss of chance to gain higher grosss
  • May loss market portions if other companies accelerate the development velocity Can non carry through the increasing planetary demand of luxury goods

Accelerate the velocity of international enlargement. start to fabricate aromas. and open more shops in Asia-Pacific market.


  • Improve chance of earn higher grosss
  • Develop new market and gain more market portions
  • Fulfill the increasing planetary demand
  • Supply a opportunity to growing faster in the hereafter
  • Relatively more hazardous
  • Increase chance the can non retain LV’s heritage and tradition during the development procedure

Decelerate down the velocity of international enlargement. cut down the usage of automatic machines. and maintain on adding value in the company’s heritage and tradition.


  • Easy to maintain LV’s heritage and tradition
  • Retain the high repute during the absolute and aspirational clients Prevent the company from turning excessively fast that may cut down the company’s value
  • Potential of losing the market portions
  • Potential of losing the sum of gross revenues
  • Can non carry through the increasing planetary demand

Decision Standards

In order to find which options is the most appropriate one for Louis Vuitton. several standards should be satisfied:

  1. Sustainable fiscal growing potency
  2. Retain comparative advantages in the market
  3. Retain LV’s heritage and tradition
  4. Improve trade name image and value
  5. Adopted by all three sections of clients
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