Lion King Movie: Simba’s Heroic Journey Essay Example
Lion King Movie: Simba’s Heroic Journey Essay Example

Lion King Movie: Simba’s Heroic Journey Essay Example

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The Lion King takes place in the wide savannas of Africa, portraying an epic adventure. The title "The Lion King" emphasizes the importance of a lion being designated as king, specifically focusing on Simba, the main character.

Simba is considered the hero of the story for reclaiming his land and defeating evil. He accepts responsibility for his actions and his kingdom, restoring order and control. Simba embarks on a hero's journey by experiencing the process of departure and initiation.

After Simba's parents die and he gets caught in a herd of wild animals trying to save him, his journey begins. He is banished from his homeland by his evil uncle Scar, who tells him to leave and never come back.

"(The Lion King). Scar orders his hyenas (who serve as his personal army and assistants) to kill him. However, Simba e


scapes and is discovered by Timon (a meerkat) and Pumbaa (a warthog). He eventually ends up in a jungle that resembles paradise with them. Many years pass."

Nala, Simba's best friend from the pride lands, seeks help and coincidentally encounters Simba. She requests him to accompany her back to the pride lands due to Scar's oppressive rule. However, Simba declines her invitation for an adventure. Scar has deceived everyone by spreading the news that Simba died in the same stampede that killed his father. Nala realizes that since Simba is alive, he must be the rightful king.

Simba, a character in "The Lion King," denies his kingship and acknowledges that although he may have once held that position, those days are long gone. He chooses not to disclose the reason for his emotions, but ultimately it arises from his belie

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that he is accountable for his father's demise. Consequently, he is reluctant to go back. As a consequence, Simba struggles with self-doubt.

Simba encounters Rafiki in the dark while contemplating his journey and receives assistance in his quest to return to the land. Rafiki, perched in a tree, sings and appears to trail Simba. He then reveals his knowledge of Simba's true identity.

The character becomes Simba's wise man and guides Simba to a magical jungle with twisted trees and roots, where he informs Simba that his deceased father, Mufasa, is still alive in spirit. They eventually reach a small water pool.

The main character in "The Lion King" is taught by Rafiki to closely observe the waters and communicate his observations. Initially, he only perceives his own reflection. However, with additional encouragement, he manages to discern the image of his father in the rippling water.

Rafiki informs Simba that his father resides within him, indicating that Simba was destined to become the king. Unexpectedly, a gentle wind emerges and Mufasa's spirit materializes in the sky.

Mufasa serves as a spiritual guide to Simba in The Lion King, encouraging him to remember his true identity and Mufasa himself. He highlights that Simba possesses the capability to surpass his current state and should embrace his rightful place in the circle of life. Mufasa instructs Simba to recollect his genuine self as both his son and the rightful king.

Simba experiences a sudden change of heart upon reuniting with his father in The Lion King, as indicated by his statement: "It seems like the winds are shifting." This shift is evident in the calming of the winds.

this represents his own changing emotions

or his ability to change his heart. Rafiki advises him about this. "You can either flee from your past, or gain wisdom from it."

"(The Lion King) This statement is significant as Simba had to accept his father's death instead of avoiding it. He acknowledges the need to reclaim his rightful position as king. The challenges he understands he must face include regaining his land and defeating Scar. 'The King has returned.' (The Lion King) These impactful words are uttered by Rafiki while informing Nala.

Timon and Pumba inform that Simba has returned to the pride lands to confront Scar. Before returning to Pride Rock to reclaim his territory, Nala joins Timon.

Simba, Timon, and Pumba all offer to help him. Simba devises a plan to reclaim his territory. Initially, he wants everyone to think he is deceased. Secondly.

Simba utilizes Timon and Pumba to divert the hyaenas while he and Nala sneak in. Thirdly, Simba instructs Nala to gather the lionesses as a symbol of resistance against the hyaena. They implement their plan. Meanwhile, Scar pushes Simba to the edge of a cliff, similar to how his father met his demise, causing Simba to hang on.

At that moment, Scar takes the opportunity to admit that he is responsible for killing Mufasa and Simba is innocent. Simba promptly attacks Scar and pins him down by the neck, forcing him to confess his actions in front of the hyenas and other lions. This leads to a chaotic fight between everyone involved. Eventually, Scar and Simba come face to face again as Simba advances towards him.

He pleads for Simba's forgiveness, attributing his actions to the hyenas whom he refers to as

"the enemy" (The Lion King). The hyenas overhear him through the walls of fire. Simba and Scar engage in a confrontation. Simba emerges victorious by tossing Scar down a cliff. The hyenas witness Scar's fate and retaliate against him for his betrayal.

After defeating Scar, Simba is reunited with his family as heavy rain extinguishes the fire and washes away the darkness. This signifies the end of Scar's oppressive reign over the land. Simba then looks to Rafiki, who points to the top of the stone, which symbolizes Simba's "throne".

They embrace and Rafiki simply tells Simba "It is time" (The Lion King). It is time for Simba to assume his throne and rightful place in the land and the circle of life. Upon sitting on his throne, Simba emits a resounding roar to make the land aware of his return, and the land reciprocates. This signifies Simba's revival.

Simba would never have realized his true potential or been able to take his rightful place in the land without heeding his call to adventure. While he is contemplating this, Simba encounters Rafiki, his wise mentor.

Simba is aided by his father to change his heart and return to his rightful place. This transformation occurs during their meeting, which marks Simba's initiation. In order to reclaim the pride lands, Simba gathers allies and creates an entrance. He narrowly escapes death at the hands of Scar.

He successfully participates in and survives the final battle, emerging as the victor and gaining newfound confidence. Simba undergoes a transformation, reclaiming his rightful position in the land and the circle of life.

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