Journey to the 1st Ring – Lebron James Essay

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Bilal Mert Erkubilay
Number: 1130502058 Class: D-101
Assignment 1
I started to watching basketball when I was a child. It’s a passion for me.

Can only one person change other person’s life? Maybe or not, but my life was changed by a basketballer, LeBron James. He is like Michael Jordan for many people who love him. He is one of the best basketball player we’ve ever seen. However, almost nobody likes him for an unknown reason.

He played 8 years for Cleveland Cavaliers. He was playing so beautifully in his young ages that he compared with Michael Jordan. Whenever team loses match, everyone blame LeBron James for missing last second clutch shots. He was not ready to taking over the whole team’s responsibilities, and his team’s members was not prepared enough, too. When the team lost against Boston Celtics in 03-11-2010, criticism over LeBron James was at peak. In the offseason, LeBron James decided to take his talents to South Beach, and joined to Miami Heat.

Haters of LeBron came to a climax, but LeBron did not take the notice of them. Miami Heat and LeBron was so adapted each other that they did not lose any game until the Playoffs. They rose to the top, NBA Finals in 2011. Their rival was Dallas Mavericks that did not lost any game also.

NBA Finals conqueror was Dallas Mavericks. I got really angry at that situtation. Haters played a jape on Miami Heat, especially LeBron James. But LeBron didn’t give up.

He started training during the off season with Kevin Durant. He won again fourth Most Valuable Player(MVP) Award in the last five years, and this showed that LeBron James was ready enough to taking over the team’s responsibilities. His statistics was also a witness to this. Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder will compete for championship in the NBA Finals. Heat’s LeBron and Thunder’s Durant are the best players on the planet for me. Both LeBron and Durant strove for NBA Championship, but the winner was the Miami Heat and LeBron James! My man.


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