Luol Deng – Space Essay Example
Luol Deng – Space Essay Example

Luol Deng – Space Essay Example

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  • Published: September 15, 2017
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Luol Deng's Impact on His Country and the World

Luol Deng, born in the city of Wau in Sudan to the Dinka Tribe (Gallagher, "London 2012 Olympics: Luol Deng ready to repay country that saved his family by leading Great Britain to new heights"), did not come from a privileged background or hail from Great Britain. As a result of war, he and his family were forced to escape their homeland and seek shelter in Egypt for four years before eventually making Great Britain their home.

According to Deng, the state of Britain provided an opportunity for his household, which is why he feels such a strong connection to the country (Anthony, "Luol Deng: I'll be proud to set on that GB shirt"). Deng has been a significant figure in British athletics and serves as a role model


for children worldwide. Born in Sudan, Deng lived there until he turned five. At that age, due to political turmoil, his family - including his mother, three brothers, and eight sisters - fled Sudan. They then resided in Egypt under poor conditions for four years before eventually relocating to England.

Luol Deng arrived in England when he was 9 years old. Despite not knowing any English and being completely unfamiliar with the country, he and his family quickly felt at home. Deng stated, "We came to England and stopped searching for a better life because this is as good as it gets" ("Luol Deng: I'll be proud to put on that GB shirt"). At the age of 14, Deng moved to the United States, specifically to New Jersey. He moved with his sister, who was sent to Blair Academy fo

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basketball. During his senior year, Deng was considered the second best player in high school, only behind current NBA star, Lebron James (Gallagher, "London 2012 Olympics: Luol Deng ready to repay country that saved his family by taking Great Britain to new heights").

Luol Deng received an athletic scholarship for basketball and decided to attend Duke University after being scouted by top college programs ("Luol Deng: I'll be proud to set on that GB shirt"). During his first year at Duke, he showcased impressive stats with an average of 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists per game ( Following his freshman season, Deng entered the NBA draft and was chosen as the 7th overall pick by the Phoenix Suns but was ultimately traded to the Chicago Bulls based on a prior agreement. He played for the Bulls from 2004 until 2014 (Yahoo Sports). In the 2014 season, Deng was traded once again, this time to the Cleveland Cavaliers (Windhorst, "Andrew Bynum traded for Luol Deng").

Luol Deng, representing the British National Basketball Team, expressed appreciation to England for the opportunities given to him and his family. His primary objective is to boost basketball's popularity in England due to concerns about global rankings and potential exclusion from future Olympics. Nonetheless, in 2012, Luol contributed significantly as Britain successfully qualified for the Olympics. During the tournament, he maintained an average of 15 points, six rebounds, and four assists per game. Despite a disappointing record of 1-4, Luol Deng remains committed to establishing a basketball tradition in Great Britain.

Luol Deng is competing for the Great Britain National Team without receiving any payment, as a way to show his gratitude

towards his country for supporting his family during challenging times (Anthony, “Luol Deng: 'I 'll be proud to set on that GB shirt'"). He holds a negative opinion about the perception of basketball in Britain and believes that Olympic basketball carries significant meaning. Joining the National Team is something he considers an obligation; otherwise, he would never forgive himself. His ultimate desire is to proudly declare one day that he participated in the Olympics at home, in front of his fellow countrymen. Luol's goal is to enhance the popularity of basketball in Great Britain since he feels that talented athletes are being drawn away by other sports like cricket, rugby, and soccer.

Luol Deng's primary passion was football, and he neglected basketball due to his height, even though he enjoyed it. However, when they compete against other European countries like Spain and Serbia, they are often outperformed in basketball. This frustration arises because basketball does not receive as much funding as other popular sports in the country. Luol prefers to live a quiet life and dedicates a significant amount of time to his foundation, the Luol Deng Foundation. This foundation supports basketball initiatives in both Britain and South Sudan, a newly formed nation. Additionally, he plans to assist in the renovation of hospitals in South Sudan and collaborate with refugee camps.

Luol Deng plans to build an installation in South Sudan that would provide free education and focus on training for children. He has been supporting the UNHCR refugee cantonment organization for years and pledged to donate $50 for every basket he made during the season. Additionally, his foundation offers quality education to thousands of refugees in

schools located in Darfur and Chad. Deng is also a member of Lost Boys of Sudan, a group that supports orphans who fled Sudan during difficult times.

Luol Deng prioritizes giving back to his home state above all else. He feels fortunate for the chances he has had to support others and bring joy to them. Deng stresses that he is not motivated by fame, but rather wants to help and focus on deserving children. Luol Deng has shown himself as an influential leader in British sports and globally. His commitment to bringing honor to the Great Britain National Basketball Team showcases his enthusiasm not just for basketball, but also for his country's image.

Luol Deng is dedicated to helping people who have experienced extreme difficulties, including children living in refugee camps, orphanages, and other charitable organizations. He wants his country to take pride in representing itself to the whole world.

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