Level of Performance of Fourth Year Public Highschool Students Towards English Proficiency in Physics

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INTRODUCTION The Philippine educational setting is bilingual in nature, thus the level of performance of public high school students towards English proficiency in learning creates its possibility to be monolingual by using the considered foreign language as the standard language in teaching is impossible yet can be proven by theoretical studies to be conducted.

Many accounts of constitutional laws, studies and facts regarding this issue of using the English language in teaching academic subjects such as science and technology can well explain its effective usage in the world of language education namely: the English language proficiency public students show, the legal basis it holds, the level of performance the public high school students demonstrates, the number of the passing students every university and college exhibits and the process of publishing books and their produce.

The necessity of using English as an educational language in the Philippine educational set-up does not decline learning but improves the comprehension of concepts and language. One of the most profitable justifications being laid upon to confirm the worth of the problem made holds on the English proficiency of students. In order for us to cope with the current progression being experienced by other countries, we need to learn,

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be familiar, and be comfortable with the language we are supposed to use to attain the same level of proficiency and literacy other countries have obtained.

The terms used in teaching physics are usually defined in English, thus, making it easier for students to understand the subject matter because practically, English is being used as the medium of instruction in teaching academic subjects such as mathematics and science and technology. According to Bonifacio Sibayan (1994), “It is easy to see from the foregoing why English is the logical choice of the Philippines and other countries as the language of science and mathematics”(p. 62).

Being proficient with this language instruction in science education can give the students, as well as the instructors, access to everybody, in and out of this country. Surely, proficiency in English is one of the most important components in the learning process of students. Defensively as you may call it, proficiency with the English language still protects some credibility on the study taken. From this, another defense shall govern the worthiness of this investigation. This study claims an outstretched emphasis on a legal basis.

The declaration of the Philippine government for using English as the standard language for teaching science and mathematics firmly holds the responsibility of training the students academically. For this reason, the exclusiveness of using the English language in teaching science and technology can better manifest the knowledge of instructors in managing a classroom setting. A student may not know a term or two if the language used in defining technical science term is unusual to them; unfamiliarity with terms might arise.

Using the English language in teaching physics concepts can be broadly understood by student because, ever since, it is the language, they are using to acquire knowledge (Acuna & Miranda, 1994, p. 6). This concept in the language of education can provide betterment in the educational stability of our country (Acuna & Miranda, 1994, p. 7). Evidently, the legality it holds can firmly uphold the defense on this problem. Still another and perhaps the most lucid evidence is the level of performance shown by public high school students.

For one, using the results of achievement tests provided by the school administration and the government can determine their ability of understanding such subjects concerned in the examinations. In this matter, the passing score of students taking this kind of examination must reach the 70 per cent of the total 100 per cent of the test result. Apparently, most of the test questions given are stated in the English language (Alegre-Mogol, 1988, p137). The achievement tests determine the level of performance students have in terms of their understanding of what was being presented to them.

Using the level of performance shown by public high school students is a logical proof to be sustained in this field of analysis. Furthermore, to justify this study, another arising credential is the determined number of students passing the examinations. The fourth year public high school students passing the institute of higher learning gives a significant resolution to the argument rose upon by using English language in the field of teaching. The passing percentage of students coming from public schools provides us with enough basis.

College entrance exams in prominent universities here in the Philippines are mostly presented in full English text, except for the UPCAT exam. The number of students passing entrance examinations as presented facts is further established through accumulating data, which serves as its foundation. Finally, the process of publishing books can concretize these justifications. The revision of textbooks and workbooks being used in teaching science and math is done due to the fast proliferation of concepts used, which are usually in the English language.

The standard language used in any publication of science and mathematics textbooks and workbooks are English. This does make it possible of stating English as the standard language of education (Otanes, 1988, pp. 84-85). In publishing books, the process of using English is but a firm stand, giving merit to English proficiency of students. The Philippine educational system is evidently bilingual in nature, but there is a more effective way of teaching students and enriching their knowledge, which is through English proficiency. Carrying with it is the promise of a more enriched product of education.

We can assert the fact therefore, that we can go along with other countries using our knowledge in English communication. Before the desire of having a better future ahead, this study aims to discover the identity of English as the medium to be used in studying academic subjects of students through the concept of investigating the Level of Performance of the Fourth Year Public High School Students towards English Proficiency in Physics. Statement of the Problem This paper is entitled, Level of Performance of Fourth Year Public High School Students towards English Vocabulary Proficiency in Physics.

In the course of this study, the researcher aims to answering the following research questions: 1. Is the English vocabulary proficiency of fourth year public high school students enough for learning Physics effectively? 2. Is the level of performance shown by fourth year public high school students towards English vocabulary proficiency different from the level of performance shown by fourth year high school students studying in private schools? Research Hypotheses: This study excludes the null hypotheses and includes the research hypotheses. These are as follows: 1.

The English vocabulary proficiency of fourth year public high school students is enough for learning Physics effectively. 2. The level of performance shown by fourth year public high school students is different from the level of performance shown by fourth year high school students studying in private schools. Significance of the Study: This study is important to the following people: 1. The study will benefit language learners in using their English vocabulary in a manner of widening it for purposes like writing themes and reports and using it in their daily conversations appropriately, correctly and meaningfully. . The results of this study will help language teachers in determining the right approach in teaching their field of study in a more appropriate and easily-caught-up terms for their students to understand the subject matter being taught. 3. The findings of this study will assist language curriculum planners in enhancing a more effective lesson plan, syllabus, course outline and other evaluation instruments. 4. The outcome of this study will aid language instructional material authors in making effective textbooks, workbooks and other instructional materials for teaching. . The results of this study will benefit future researchers in exploring related studies on the topic discussed. Scope and Limitation of the Study: This paper is concerned with the level of performance shown by fourth year public high school students, specifically the Rizal High School students, towards English vocabulary proficiency in Physics. Emphasis is placed on the written and oral performance of students. Moreover, written performance can be determined using investigatory reports, laboratory activity results and written examinations.

On the other hand, oral performance of students can be represented by oral reports, recitations, class discussions and oral participation. The clientele of this study, which are the fourth year public high school students is limited to only three groups namely, the excellent students, the average, and the poor or almost failing students. Excellent students are those belonging to the list of honors students; the average ones are those who are getting passing grades while those whose academic performance is poor or nearly failing belong to the last group.

English vocabulary proficiency in Physics is bounded on physics topics such as: subdivisions of physics, physics laws and principles. Subdivisions of physics includes terms like mechanics, heat, light, sound, electromagnetism, and atomic and nuclear. The law of acceleration and law of inertia represent physics laws. Principles in physics include the Pascal’s principle, Archimedes’ principle and Bernoulli’s principle. Operational Definition of Terms: The following terms were used in this study.

They were operationally defined as follows: Level of Performance is shown through series of results from a rating scale and survey form sheets. English Vocabulary Proficiency is determined by the number of correct answers in a given English vocabulary test questionnaire. References Acuna, J. E. & et al. , (Eds. ) (1994). The language issue in education. Manila and Quezon City: Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, pp. 6-7, 62. Gonzales, A. B. & et al. , (Eds. ) (1988). The role of the english and its maintenance in the Philippines. Ermita,Manila: Solidaridad Publishing House. pp. 84-85, 137.

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