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Kurt Donald Cobain was found dead in the green house of his mansion on March 1994, cause of death “suicide by self inflicted gunshot wound” or at least what was pronounced and believed by many to this day. It is plain and simple he was murdered.

Kurt Cobain the singer and guitarist of the 90s band Nirvana which was an alternative rock band from 1988 to 1994. Cobain was born in the town of Aberdeen Washington. Aberdeen is a rural white trash town that borders Seattle the birth place of “Grunge”. Before them at record stores there were special sections for alternative music, they popularized it. However many grunge bands were around such as Mud Honey and The Melvins.

Kurt had three times the lethal 225 mgs dose of heroin in his blood system with puncture marks in both arms (Grant). Medical experts and doctors will tell you that with that much heroin in your blood stream if you don’t instantly die you would fall into a coma in a few seconds. Kurt supposedly shot up that insane dosage of heroin, pulled out the needle, put the syringe neatly into a cigar box feet away, then picking up a Remington 20-gauge shotgun he placed it in his mouth and fired. According to Tom Grant and other researchers it is an impossible feat even for a hardcore abuser such as Cobain. Not only did he have heroin in his system he also had valium in his blood. Valium doesn’t mix well with heroin making a small overdose bad; Kurt’s overdose wasn’t a small one. It’s not possible that he shot himself with a shotgun or any gun and if so why? Why would someone shoot themselves when they were on so much junk they would just die in their sleep? He had a daughter Frances Bean that makes it hard enough to believe he did it with out the scientific impossibility. “Dead Men Don’t Pull Triggers” (Roger Lewis). “Drug related suicides are often a staged cover up for murder” (RL).

The police report of the suicide read, there were no legible finger prints on the shot gun, the pen which was used for the suicide note, or on the bow of shot gun shells. Kurt Cobain had finger prints, and it’s not as if he were wearing gloves. If one thinks that’s amazing for supposedly committing suicide, Sergeant Cameron admitted two years later that there wasn’t any sign of Kurt firing a gun there wasn’t any marks on his hands such as Gunshot residue. Why was everything put away so nicely before the police came, if Kurt was the only person in the green house the scene wouldn’t look that way.

Courtney Love Kurt’s wife during the week preceding Kurt’s death when asked to fly to Seattle to try and locate him because he had been missing, she told others he had a shotgun and was suicidal, but she couldn’t go because she had “business in LA”. Tom Grant Private Investigator said to Rosemary Carroll Courtney’s entertainment lawyer what Courtney had said and she replied “She didn’t have any business in LA!” Courtney was jailed because of drug charges that week, serious business. Huh?

Kurt didn’t drink alcohol and he didn’t use Rohypnol also known as “roofies, the date rape drug”. On March 4, 1994 he was in Rome and on the verge of leaving Courtney and the Tour his band was on he was suddenly hospitalized with these substances in his system. Mike DeWitt “Cobain’s male nanny” and Courtney were also in his hotel room. Kurt survived and brought the fact it wasn’t a suicide attempt. Dr. Galetta who treated him agreed it was an accident. Courtney had a prescription to Rohypnol. When abused they cause amnesia so Kurt didn’t remember the whole ordeal.

After the death of Kurt, Courtney produced a note that was unknown to the public. She called it a suicide note that Kurt had written while in Rome “his first attempt at suicide”. A police officer said the note was just a rant against Courtney. Courtney has said that the second note mentioned divorce.

The “suicide” found in the green house after being analyzed by a few different hand writing experts the same conclusion was made, the beginning and end of the note were written in a different hand writing style the rest of the note is similar but not the same. Those two parts of the note was what made it sound like a suicide note. The midsection of the note read like a resignation from the music business, Dave Grolh Nirvana’s drummer has said they were splitting up. So a resignation letter sounds right.

Cobain wasn’t suicidal that is a good indication he didn’t splatter his brains on the green house surroundings. Tony Barber of the English band the Buzz Cocks said on tour just a little while before his death he was really clean looking and toted around bottles of drinking water not smack or even marijuana. Kurt lived with a pinched nerve in his back that went diagnosed almost all of his life towards the end of it all he got diagnosed and had surgery many said he was a new man. “He seemed really clean when we were on tour. In some ways it was really awkward he wasn’t joining in the very mild debauchery that went on” (shelley). Rosemary Carroll, long time friend and lawyer of the Cobains told investigator Tom Grant in April1994 that Kurt wasn’t suicidal over and over when asked. Courtney’s own father has a book in which he expresses how he thinks Courtney knows who killed Kurt or was in on it herself. That is just wrong to accuse your daughter of that. Yes he could be a heartless whacko trying to cash in on his story or he really knows what he is talking about because he can’t let the truth go unknown.

Kurt Cobain’s death labeled a suicide by most media and police could not have been not only did people who knew Kurt discredit the suicide lie. There is concrete evidence he didn’t do it and the case should be reopened. I think why the Seattle Police department doesn’t reopen the case is it is a huge embarrassment to the force. A blunder of that size would make them look very badly. Kurt is innocent of Suicide and murderer is out there.

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