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Something upstairs is a story based on a ghost written by Avi. The exceptional visualization and peculiar imaginative fashion of Avi is something for which he has always been known for.

Numerous children’s books have been written by Avi which the young readers admire with enthusiasm. His work includes mysteries, adventure stories, fantasies, historical novels, ghost stories, animal tales and comedies. SummarySomething upstairs is a story about a young boy named Kenny Huldorf, who has recently shifted to Providence, Rhode Island, in a 200 years old house. Kenny is shown to be a very exploratory and tentative boy and likes getting himself into stuff which is really stimulating.

He is also shown to be extremely apprehensive, for instance if he finds some stains on the ground, he wants to find out how that stains came there. He is moderately elegant and also has a very friendly personality.The other characters in this story are Mr. and Mrs. Huldorf, Kenny’s parents, who are merely like any other aged parents, sometimes they are strict, but on the other hand they are extremely pleasant.

The house in which Kenny and his parents shifted is extremely old, built in 1789. Kenny started sleeping in a bedroom which was upstairs. As a young adventurer, Kenny finds out from a historian, Willghast that his present house once had slaves living in it.One night, while sleeping in his bedroom, Kenny perceived a sound coming from the room next door. He gradually tiptoed into the small room and sees inside. Kenny observed a body which looked like a ghost, expanding from the mark of blood on the ground.

Kenny found out that it was a ghost named Caleb, who was murdered in the 19th century in the same house while he was a slave. The ghost asks Kenny to assist him in finding out about the person who killed him as Caleb did not know about the identity of the murdered.To find out about this, Kenny was taken back into the early 19th Century by Caleb, where Kenny had to find out about the mystery of this murder before he could return to his own time. The rest of the story revolves around finding the secrecy of that murder.

Conclusion Taken as a whole the book is an excellent page turner and an incredible thriller based on history. Starting from the beginning until the very end the story keeps a person guessing. The book provides exploration; assassinate mystery and spirit all in one.

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