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In How Mr. Dewey Decimal Saved My Life by Barbara Kingsolver she discusses how she figured herself out in High school with the help of a Librarian. Kingsolver went to a High school in Kentucky and the school she attended was poorly funded. Kingsolver only had one class choice in school, which was Home Ec, for the girls. Kingsolver hated that class so that’s when she went to help out the library.

The Librarian had her sorting the books, what the librarian called the Dewey Decimal, and while doing so she would gain interest in the books, and decide to read them. Now Kingsolver loves books and now even writes them. In Making Up For Lost Time: The rewards Of Reading At Last by Richard Wolkomir discusses the importance in reading. In this story Ken Adams is a 64 man from Vermont who never learned how to read, so now he finally decides to get tutored to learn to read.

When Adams went to school the classes where so big they barely noticed his learning disability so he just keep going to the next grade. Luckily for Adam he was good at his job so, his boss just read everything for him. Wolkomir

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expresses how hard it is to teach someone older how to read, with this said it is very important to learn how to read when young. Now because of Wolkomir’s help, Adam can now read, even if it might take him a while to sound out the words.

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