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Karl Blossfeldt was a German photographer, he concentrated his work on natural forms in black and white photography.

The picture on the left is of some sea holly. I think this picture is brilliant. The way the camera looks up to the plant gives it such a commanding presence. Also the sharp edge of the plant itself make it look as if it is not natural at all but a huge metal sculpture. The background which I think looks very like overcast skies.

Makes the holly stand out very well because the plant is so dark and the background is light. I think the way Blossfeldt took pictures shows that he didn’t look at object like the rest of us.I love the way he makes natural objects look unnatural and abstract. He effectively used his camera to create a sculpture. This picture is of a flower called laserwort. This is a great picture of a enlarged flower.

It makes you think how complicated nature really is. If you just looked at the flower you would never see this part of it but seeing it so large opens your eyes to how beautiful things we take for granted really are. I think the tops of the stems look as if they are flying at you and the stems are the trail they have left behind. I am going to try and get this interesting feel to my photography in this project.

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