Cinematography in the breakfast scene of Pulp Fiction Essay

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The lighting in this scene is quite low key there is a few shadowy areas in the scene, due to the fact they are inside an apartment and the blinds are down so there is not much light coming in to the apartment.shot sizes (LS. MS. CU)In this scene there is a mixture of close up shots, mid shots and long shots. When they first get into the apartment there is a long shot of John Travolta and Samuel L.

Jackson. Then when Samuel L. Jackson is talking to “Bret” there is a mixture of mid shots and close ups. The close ups are used to show the expressions on Bret due to the fact Bret looks scared and anxious. They are also used on Samuel L.

Jackson when they are talking to each other to show Samuel L. Jackson’s cold hearted look . Also there is a close up on Samuel L. Jackson picking up the burger and eating it, but most of the shots in this scene are predominately mid shots on both “Bret” and Samuel L. position and angle (high angle/low angle)In this scene they used high angle shots on “Bret” and his friends in the apartment this was used to show that they are inferior compared to John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson where they had low angle shots to show they are towering over then and superior compared to movement (pan, tilt, track, crane, steadicam)In this scene there were no panning shots, tilting shots or crane shots. The camera movement was steady and all times of the scene this was because there were hardly any of the actors walking in the apartment. The only time the camera tracked was when Samuel L.

Jackson picked up Bret’s burger to take a bite after he asked him and also when he picked up Bret’s drink to finish it off.depth of focusIn this scene the focus was deep, you could see everything that was going on in the background (when “John Travolta was smoking behind Bret and when he was going through the cupboards looking for the briefcase)lens (telephoto/wide angle/zoom)In this scene the lenses that were used are wide angle and zoom lenses. The wide angle lenses were used on the close ups on the characters during the dialogue and also when Samuel L. Jackson shot Bret and his friend this was used so that the viewers can feel like they were there when the action started. Also zoom lenses were used in this scene when Samuel L.

Jackson and John Travolta entered the apartment this was used so that the two characters look like they are moving closer towards the camera but the camera is not actually moving at all.

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