Justify The Research Methodologies Chosen For The Project Essay

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In this assignment I will be giving various reasons of why I made the decision of selecting the method of questionnaires. I will be stating several strengths to prove that my choice for choosing questionnaires was the right one.By choosing the method of questionnaires to find out Monoux eating patterns is an advantage because there are vast amounts of samples that can be achieved. By giving out questionnaires huge quantities of data can be collected from a big number of people in a small period of time.

As some people may be timid or shy by doing a questionnaire allows you to feel comfortable & secure in your own presence. This is an advantage because there is no researcher there to guide the user, meaning that there is no pressure. By allowing the user to complete the questionnaire & to not feel pressured in any way gives you more valid & realistic answers in the survey. Moreover this prevents the user from lying.The whole purpose of creating a questionnaire is to gain good results. An advantage of questionnaires is that the results can generally be fast & easily counted by both the investigator or through the use of a pc software package.

The results are easily identified and can be plotted onto numerous graphs for example bar charts, line graphs etc… When finished plotting or evaluating these results; they can be used in other areas for example comparing, contrasting & even challenge other theories or hypothesises.In today’s society if you were to carry out an experiment or theory you would find that it is expensive to carry out. The researchers or the facilities would be too expensive for one to handle. However an advantage of questionnaires is that it requires reasonable costs or none at all.

By choosing the method of questionnaires means that it’s more practical & hands on meaning you would not really require high tech or expensive facilities or resources.In addition another advantage of questionnaires is that it is not largely time consuming like other forms of research such as interviews. By giving out questionnaires manually it allows the user to work at their own pace and knowledge. They would normally answer the questions quite quickly then carry on with their business.

This also means that the responses given in the surveys are more likely to be dependable & realistic.

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