Is 411 Abc Aup Essay Example
Is 411 Abc Aup Essay Example

Is 411 Abc Aup Essay Example

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  • Published: December 27, 2017
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ABC Credit UnionUser PolicyPolicy Statement- The ABC Credit Union intentions for publishing an Acceptable User Policy is not to restrict employees, but to provide protection for employees, clients, and contractors from illegal or damaging actions, committed knowingly or unknowingly. The network which includes the Internet, as that is necessary for the job functions of several departments will be used for the ABC credit union business only. All equipment belonging to the organization will be covered by the user policy, and should be reviewed by all employees, clients and partners to ensure understanding of the policy.
The user policy will cover all assets of the organization, cell phones, notebooks, along with operating systems, software, storage media, and company provided email accounts, and any other equipment are the property of ABC credit union. All assets belonging to the corpo


ration are to be used for business purposes only serving our company, partners and clients.

Effective security is a team effort requiring the support and participation of all ABC employees. All partners that deal with information related to and information systems are expected to support and participate in the user policy. All computer users are responsible for knowing and understanding the user policy, and to conduct their activities accordingly.Purpose/Objectives: The purpose of the policy is the outline the acceptable use of ABC Credit Union’s computers and equipment. These rules are in place to protect employees and ABC. Inappropriate use exposes ABC Credit Union to risk such as viruses, attacks on network system and services, and legal issues.

Scope: The policy applies to all employees of ABC, contractors, vendors, temporary employees, and all those associated with

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third party vendors. The policy covers all equipment owned or leased by ABC Credit Union. Standards: To safeguard clients...

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