Internship Journal Essay Example
Internship Journal Essay Example

Internship Journal Essay Example

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  • Published: February 14, 2022
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In our modern society, every child is supposed to go to school to acquire knowledge and skills which are important when they finally get to the real world of work. In the university, students are always eager to come out into the world of work. The university has therefore established the internship programme for every student, which equips them with the idea of what to expect after school and in the real work case. I came to realize that learning never ends even when you come out of school, when I participated in my internship programme. For my internship, I applied to many firms and corporations and surprisingly got accepted in one of the largest firms of my dreams-the Transperfect Remote Interpretation.

However, the joy of being selected to join the firm did not last since I began feeling an


xious and nervous. I had a lot of questions about the experiences I was to come across and the commitment internship required. I already knew that through this experience, I would apply most of the knowledge I had acquired in the university about professionalism at work. The challenge was, how was I to remember all the academic work I had studied in the university while working at the same time? How was I to adapt being around people who have more experience than me and for whom I was to be humble and submissive when given tasks? The idea of always being supervised brought some discomfort to me since everything seemed like it was an examination.

In the university, I pursued communication and media where I took courses that relate to: culture, leadership, persuasion, methods of interviewing, public

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relations, marketing, organizational communication and general communication. Based on this, I expected to be given a high level task in the firm as I considered myself the best new talent. The firm specialized in interpretation of about 10 different languages including Asian, American, European and Hispanic employees. Since I had studied and was fluent in Spanish language, I was assigned to work as a Spanish interpreter.

I was to share an office with many employees even though I was expecting to have my own private office. Before beginning my role I was familiarized with the working environment and introduced to the entire team by my supervisor who judging from his fluent communication, seemed strict and more professional. Transperfect Remote Interpretation is an organization which has more than 500 employees who are daily used by many corporations, institutions and businesses when it comes to global meetings. In my first day at work I was made to sit and observe what happens during interpretation and I realized that there was a lot that took place other than just communicating. For instance, in large conferences where two or more languages were needed, simultaneous interpretation was more strenuous.

The audience members had headsets that were connected to the microphone where the interpreter was giving the translation of what the speaker was saying. I was amazed with the speed the interpreters had in the course of the session. In the course of my internship, I came across many experiences which I will gladly explain in this essay. Since my first day in the firm, I came to understand that I did not have to recall all that I had studied but only

through observation and critical thinking. For instance, I came to admire my supervisor’s ability and personality as she was always ready to give her best in company’s operations and achievement of the set objectives. As an individual she was always punctual, fluent when speaking with good choice of words towards his juniors and most of all determined and hardworking.

My admiration extended to her personal self especially by the attire. She always dressed smartly mostly in suits which explained about her dignity and respect among workers. This reminded me of the office etiquette and business ethics courses. I also realized that there was a difference between when I joined the company and when I was leaving as far as employees were concerned. When I was joining the company was losing many employees who were seeking to be employed in other different firms. I identified this since when I joined we were 50 Spanish interpreters but after one month the number was 30.

From my analysis, I came up with the reason behind this with the help of my supervisor. I explained to him that the reason for loss of employees was poor communication skills and lack of leadership of other supervisors. I presented my idea to the board of management where my supervisor or manager had taken my suggestions. From my course of leadership and organization communication, cultures and behavior, I came up with a theory which applied very well in the organization. According to my presentation before the board, employees quitting jobs is a behavior that can be traced in the study of organizational behavior and several solutions be obtained. I went ahead to relate the

challenge with a study known as the Hawthorne study which claims that “if employees were treated well, improved motivation and productivity would be realized”.

I therefore proposed that the individual behavior of the employees would change if, proper ways of motivation were included in the system. Following my presentation and after two weeks, the board approved my proposal and began to offer benefits like paid time off, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and more benefits to keep the employees. This in turn helped the company retain the employers who remained and also acquired more who were recruited later on. In the course of being an interpreter, I gained interpersonal skills like using polite language since in all business institutions, customers are always attracted by the quality of services offered.

I also observed how communication channels were followed in the entire organization. This equipped me with the real knowledge on how vertical and horizontal communication worked. For example in my department we used vertical communication when we answered to our supervisors. Using the headsets and microphones during interpretation was something new. I was curious as to how it felt and later on I realized that it brought a professional feeling.

The best part of my internship was the socialization part. I came to understand my supervisor as a transactional leader since she always did everything to improve her teams’ skills. In every business teamwork is a vital requirement since it unites the employees’ strengths which would lead to maximum achievements in the set targets and objectives. Teamwork ensures that all the employees feel a sense of belonging sine they are appreciated equally in any case of success. Teamwork

also brings employees together to understand each other and live together as a family.

In conclusion, I learned a lot in those months that I was in the internship. This made my entire self which was full of pride and recklessness change to being humble, careful and flexible. My personality changed and I was sorry to see the end of this experience. Initially I preferred solitude but through my internship I now like socializing and in this way I get to know people better and most of all realize my potentials and personality.

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