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“Adversity is like a strong air current. It tears off from us all but the things that can non be torn. so that we see ourselves as we truly are. ” Adversity implies troubles. problem and bad luck as it tests the potency of adult male and strengthens his spirit of ego assurance. In the fresh Indian Horse written by Richard Wagamese there are many fortunes where the chief character Saul is forced to get the better of the hardship in which one time shattered his human spirit and made him experience worthless. The thoughts of hardship such as being beaten at residential schools and the racism he faced while playing hockey. demonstrates Saul’s changeless inner battle and his desire to go a more powerful single. Throughout the novel Saul is exposed to many painful experiences that leave him small to no individuality and an impossible mentality on life. We rapidly learn that when Saul was a kid. he was taken away from his household and forced into an Indian Residential School where he witnessed and experient maltreatments at the custodies of the school’s pedagogues. “They called it a school but it was ne’er that… . There were no trials or scrutinies.

The lone trial was our ability to last. ” ( Pg. 79 ) The emotions present in the quotation mark represent the hurting and torment he endured when being forcibly taught the ways of the white people. The school he is mentioning to is St. Jerome’s Indian Residential School ; which many described as “Hell on earth” . Saul is quickly thrown into a universe of utmost emotional and physical maltreatment brought on by the custodies of the nuns and priests that are absorbing the kids. “They took me to St. Jerome’s Indian Residential School. I read one time that there are holes in the existence that swallow all visible radiation. all organic structures. St. Jerome’s took all the visible radiation from my universe. Everything I knew vanished behind me with an hearable swish. like the sound a moose makes vanishing into spruce. ” ( Pg. 43 ) The graphic item of this quotation mark entirely gives more lucidity to the impact Residential Schools had on people and shows the unfairness suffered by the First Nations Peoples.

The many whippings. self-destructions and sexual molestations shattered many children’s human spirit and created a sense of life that wasn’t deserving life. “When your artlessness is stripped from you. when your people are denigrated. when the household you came from is denounced and your tribal ways and rites are pronounced rearward. crude. barbarian. you come to see yourself as less than homo. That is hell on Earth. that sense of unworthiness. That’s what they inflicted on us. ” ( Pg. 81 ) The quotation mark represents how they were stripped from everything they had of all time know. such as their linguistic communication. rites. traditions and even pick of nutrient. Over a short period of clip. the whippings and menaces belittled the kids and instilled them with uninterrupted fright. When taken all together. the horror of go toing this Residential School stripped non merely Saul’s. but all the children’s artlessness. traditions and individuality.

Aside from the atrocious experiences while go toing the Residential School. Saul was forced to get the better of many hardships while prosecuting in his passion for hockey. In the beginning Saul discovers that his love for hockey serves as a mean of flight. “I kept my finds to myself and I ever made certain that I left the surface of the rink pristine. For the remainder of the twenty-four hours. I’d walk through the dim hallways of school warmed by my secret. I no longer felt hopeless. chill air around me because I had Father Leboutilier. the ice. the forenoons and the promise of a game that I would shortly be old plenty to play. ( 66 ) Throughout the quotation mark it demonstrates how hockey gives him a sense of hope. It is through hockey that Saul can get away from his world and fin what was stolen from him: friendly relationships. household and a sense of ego. Although as Saul’s hereafter seems to indicate towards postulating for a place within the National Hockey League. the changeless racism and eschewing from “the white man’s game” crumbles his religion in the one thing that gave him life outside of the Residential School. “But there were minute when you’d catch another boy’s oculus and cognize that you were both believing about it.

Everything was contained in that glimpse. All the injury. All the shame. All the fury. The white people thought it was their game. They thought it was their universe. ” ( 136 ) This quotation mark reveals how Saul’s passion for hockey is crushed by ‘the white people’ who feel that Indians can’t play hockey. What one time was his redemption proves to be merely another thing that belongs to the white adult male. They feel as if the game of hockey merely belongs to the white people and should merely be played by people of the same race. The many reverses Saul had faced from fans decreasing his ability to play hockey. and the rough verbal maltreatment invariably bellowed at him because of his tegument colour. rapidly weakened his human spirit and built up plenty choler that he could barely incorporate. “During one game the fans broke into a pathetic war chant whenever I stepped onto the ice… . When I scored. the ice was littered with fictile Indian dolls. . ” This quotation mark is mentioning to when Saul joined an all white adult male squad and how he was most hated for interrupting their tradition of “the white man’s games” .

Overall. Saul’s love for hockey that one time allowed him to derive freedom and flight was now stolen from him due to his unsavory fans and the theory of “the white man’s game” . Through the whippings within the Residential School and the racism he faced while playing hockey. we are able to see how Saul was affected both internally and externally. With every sentence and every chapter you become familiar with the unbelievable will of a male child who has had to digest more than anyone should in a life-time. At such an early age. Saul was forced to confront assorted types of hardship and his worst frights which created long permanent effects on his life. The writer conveys that remaining true to your roots is what will acquire you through life’s obstructions despite enticements which may swerve you from happening your true ego. This fresh illustrates that hockey is non simply a athletics. but has the capacity to adhere us together. No affair what colour your tegument or where you come from. it’s the love of the game that shows us that we truly are non that different after all.

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