Improving JCB Quality and Environmental Management Essay Example
Improving JCB Quality and Environmental Management Essay Example

Improving JCB Quality and Environmental Management Essay Example

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  • Published: April 21, 2022
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Bearing the idea regarding the stiff competition JCB might be facing, to survive in the market, it hence ought to embrace improving its product quality- it is a major way that helps companies cope and survive during a stiff competition. Following the pre-stated, JCB, therefore, need to formulate as well as implement some of the strategies that will help it in improving its product quality. In line with the fore mentioned, this section seeks to take the lane where it illustrates several recommendations that JCB can embrace and implement hence improving its product and service quality.

To start with, JCB ought to value and hence embrace feedback from all the company stakeholders, for example suppliers, clients, and employees. According to Tara Duggan, who is a Project Management Professional expert, feedback from customers dictates their satisfaction level regarding a company's product. Dug


gan (2016) therefore argues that JCB can use the customer's feedback to improve their already high-quality products to outstanding quality, which will help attract more customers. What more is, JCB ought also to conduct surveys that will help them gather crucial information required in solving any issues with their products. For instance, during surveys, the company can dwell in requesting clients to voice their views on what they believe that if improved, then, these customers would purchase more products. After conducting the surveys, according to Duggan (2016), JCB ought to prepare a report that summarizes all their findings and the latest, distribute the report all over the organization seeking implementation of the views, and as such, improving the company products to outstanding quality.

Besides, JCB ought to create projects that target the production processes. These projects shoul

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seek to determine any challenge during production, which either directly or indirectly, will negatively influence the production process resulting in a gap created during production. After determining the challenges, the project ought to design interventions that will help in solving the gap established in production processes, which in turn improves the quality. According to Duggan (2016), assessing JCB production processes, impacts great help on its final product, which has a great influence in ensuring quality products as services.

Recommendation to Improving JCB Environmental Management

Building from the idea that JCB is a manufacturing company, during its manufacturing processes, there is the likelihood that the company may influence the environment negatively. For instance, there might be emissions of harmful gasses such as sulfur. However, to curb the effect of such environmental degradation issues, there is the need for the company to embrace environmental management strategies. This section seeks to illustrate a recommendation that can help improve JCB environmental management.

Notably, JCB ought to embrace Environmental Management Systems (EMS). According to Briggs (2006), these environmental management systems will help an organization in producing reduced environmental and pollutant related emissions, waste as well as discharges. Briggs (2006) further mentions that these environmental management systems will also help a company in controlling their processes, which will help in affecting minimal on the environment. Following the earlier mentioned, JCB can start by assessing if there is any incidence of environmental pollution- emission of gas. After identifying an incidence in environmental pollution, JCB can, therefore, strategize and formulate environmental management systems. Further, the contextual company should finally implement any formulate environmental management systems – they help in reducing pollutant emissions, therefore, reducing any incidence

of negative impact on the environment.


In conclusion, to improve the quality of its products, JCB ought to embrace feedback from its stakeholders. What more is, JCB can create projects that deal with its production processes. On the other hand, in order for JCB to improve its environmental management, it ought to embrace Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The above has shed light clearly put across the recommendations that JCB can use to improve its quality as well as environmental management.


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