Importance of Literature in Culture Essay Example
Importance of Literature in Culture Essay Example

Importance of Literature in Culture Essay Example

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  • Published: March 23, 2022
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Literature refers to works of creative imagination. It is a term used to describe written and spoken materials. It is considered the foundation of life, human knowledge and record of human experiences because it places emphasis on a range of surrounding human beings. Due to its ability to bring words into imagination, it enables people to see through the lenses of others. It is a looking glass into the world and a gateway that teaches readers through life experiences. Thus, the importance of literature in our lives cannot be underestimated.

Notably, Literature sharpens our ability. It allows us to think critically, to see the world in a different angle and triggers our ability to reflect upon our lives. Reading of materials relatable to our lives teaches us new morals and encourages us to make a fair judgment. It also enables us t


o make good judgment when faced with certain circumstances thus proving that literature is not only a reflection of life but also provides guidance for us to follow. Being actively engaged in a mentally stimulating activity such as reading stimulates our brains and increases our thinking abilities.

Reading literature provides a solid ground and vast of knowledge about our heritage. It increases our awareness about our culture. It ability to pass information down from generation to generations helps us to reconnect with the past, our traditions and cultures enabling us to learn about our history and ourselves. It is a time machine that allows us to go back to our history. From the previously preserved memories, it enables our bond with our past.

Literature does not simply describe reality; it adds to it. It provides the necessar

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competencies essential in our daily lives. It allows us to develop new ideas that help us present ourselves as educated society members. Studying literature thus, can be termed as an enriching and eye-opening experience and a valuable source which provide motivation for the readers. It also an excellent tool for preserving human imagination due to its power to stimulate them and broaden our abilities.

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