Human Behavior in Organization Narrative Essay Example
Human Behavior in Organization Narrative Essay Example

Human Behavior in Organization Narrative Essay Example

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  • Published: March 17, 2018
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Understanding human behavior is crucial for determining the quality of work, progress, and overall success within an organization. While machines and computers are important tools, they cannot function independently. The development and manufacturing of products also rely on human resources. These employees generate ideas, create new products and services, and deliver them to the markets. Therefore, it is essential for management to analyze the behavior of their entire workforce. Currently, there is an increasing trend towards human performance consulting in office settings as there is a greater emphasis on understanding employee psychology.

Every organization has its own unique policies, work environment, recruitment process, job evaluation, and culture. When individuals are fairly compensated, supported, and offered extra benefits and time off, they tend to respond with positivity and enthusiasm. However, this does not mean that organizations should o


verly pay their employees. Instead, it is vital for organizations to treat their workforce with utmost respect and dignity while ensuring appropriate compensation.

Give extra consideration to the cleaning staff in your organization and motivate them to excel at their jobs! Instead of seeing them as a burden, recognize them as valuable assets, and you will notice a remarkable change in how they behave together. Remember that their behavior and attitude are strongly influenced by external factors in their personal lives. As social creatures, we all have unique dreams, aspirations, and fears. Only those who take pleasure in their work can achieve a balanced harmony between personal and professional life.

Unhappiness with work often translates into dissatisfaction in both job and personal life, creating an imbalance. To comprehend human behavior, studying relationship effectiveness proves effective. Evaluating the communication and interaction among staf

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members can indicate their commitment to work and colleagues. Without proper training, the office dynamic can become imbalanced similar to a natural system. This imbalance makes it unlikely for professionals like accountants or biologists to effectively study human behavior.

You need experienced professionals who can understand the unique challenges of the workplace. Not everyone possesses the ability to predict someone's behavior in advance. JM Perry offers coaching packages that help develop these skills within organizations. You can choose between individual sessions, live chats, or audio-video CDs for professionals to learn from. Upon finishing Perry's coaching, you will gain the ability to understand human behavior analysis and improve your own behavior.


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