History of a Cat and Its Importance Essay Example
History of a Cat and Its Importance Essay Example

History of a Cat and Its Importance Essay Example

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  • Published: December 23, 2021
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My Lord Vizier, I am an Egyptian priest and a member of the Egyptian Royal Family. I am in charge of grain supplies and am writing to you My Lord Vizier about how a cat is the most essential aspect in my life and most probably our culture. It was considered a sacred by the ancient Egyptian people. We know that a cat was worshipped by our ancient parents therefore it was considered as the Goddess. It was said to be feline and also half woman. For this reason I give a cat a high regard because it is indeed sacred. I will talk about the importance of the cat during the ancient times towards the Egyptian culture, how it is important to my personal life and its role as one of the religious symbol.
Cat is one of the best felines with an economic importance too. Cat is currently used as a tool of chasing away mice in the house. As a scribe in charge of the grain supplies cat has had an economical importance to me. This is a clear indication that the cat can actually help in chasing away mice instead of buying pesticides which is more economical to use. In my personal life, cat is a pet that actually reminds me a lot about our ancestors. Cat is also a playful and an affectionate companion to me. I also consider this cat as the guardian of my home, this is clear that this cat is the most


crucial and the most essential kind of an animal I cannot do without.

In the ancient Egypt cat was so important in the interpretation of ones dreams Hastings ET el., (2004). It was believed that if one sees a cat in his or her dreams then it was an indication that there will be a good harvest. Cat was also considered as the most playful pet and also an affectionate companion to human being. Cats were also taken for hunting because they showed a wonderful cooperation to human being. Cat was also considered to be a good omen to those families that are increasing and also a blessing upon the newborns.

I am Ramses, the scribe in charge of the grains supply, and My Lord cat is so important pet in my life. Cat is a sacred in terms of our culture as the Egyptians and therefore everyone should show some respect to the cat. Cat actually is important in keeping our history as the Egyptians. It has other importance apart from the idea of keeping it for it’s a sacred symbol to us.


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