Gift Giving Essay Example
Gift Giving Essay Example

Gift Giving Essay Example

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  • Published: October 19, 2017
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Jingle bell. jangle bell jangle all the manner. Oh what merriment to give love on Christmas Day. Last Christmas we spread joy to the universe by doing the kids as the ” STAR NG PASKO “


Christmas or “Pasko” is the most anticipated jubilation and happiest season or event non merely in the Philippines but besides in the whole Christian universe. This is besides the clip of the twelvemonth when household acquiring together. particularly when household members from abroad come place with tonss of gifts. Exchanging gifts and the household banquet highlight the most loved jubilation. The jubilation of Christmas in the Philippines begins on the 16th of December and ends on the first Sunday of January which is the Feast of the Epiphany ( The Three Kings ) . It is rather different from the other states of the universe ; it is the longest of the Philippine celebrations stretching for over 3 hebdomads. This makes the Filipino Christmas jubilation one of the longest Christmas season in the universe. A rich tradition which dates back to the Spanish period.


Well. Filipinos have a batch of Christmas tradition which makes us different from the other. Some of the Filipino traditions are the Filipino Christmas lantern. Christmas caroling. “simbang gabi” or the misa de gallo. and the gift giving. the true kernel of Filipino Christmas.


Historically. Christmas gift giving became portion of many Christmas traditions all over the universe to hono


ur the three wise work forces that brought gifts to the babe Jesus. Harmonizing to the bible records after Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea. during the clip of King Herod. Magi from the E came to Jerusalem. On coming to the house. they saw the kid with his female parent Mary. and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their hoarded wealths and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of sweet cicely.


As a fulfilment of our demand for our Psychology topic. we conduct a gift giving plan to the Nueva Ecija Home for Girls in Brgy. Singgalat. Palayan City. The Nueva Ecija Home for Girls is a child-caring installation that provides protection. attention. intervention and rehabilitation services to abused and exploited misss below 18 old ages old. As of now. they give attention and shelter for 93 adult females. At first our lone purpose is to hold a undertaking in our psychological science category. but when we foremost visit the Home for the Girls. the misss touched our bosom as their smilings flashes on their faces. We realize that this undertaking is non merely for our classs but for those adult females that need love and care this Christmas. Now it is non about the classs. it is all about giving love. attention and attending for all those abused adult females.


In order for us to garner money or fund for our gift giving plan for Nueva Ecija Home for Girls. our group decided to beg and carry on a caroling. Each of us in our group gave a solicitation missive on each of our barangay

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functionaries in our barangays. And from December 12 to December 19. every dark we go to different barangays like Kapt. Pepe. Zulueta. Ma. Theresa. and Caridad to carry on a caroling. We collect P6. 000. 00 on solicits and P3. 500. 00 on caroling with a sum of P9. 500. 00.


After we collect financess from solicitations and caroling. we provide P3. 500. 00 for the gifts and P6. 000. 00 for nutrients. On December 20. we canvass and purchase playthings and confects as gifts to the donees ; we besides purchase the ingredients and formulas for the nutrient that we will convey to the orphans of Nueva Ecija Home for Girls. On the dark of December 20. we wrap all the gifts and started to fix the nutrients. In the forenoon of December 21. we prepare and cook Lumpiang Shanghai. Menudo and Chopsuey. After we prepare and ready all the nutrients and gifts. we go to the Nueva Ecija Home for Girls to get down our gift giving plan and besides a mini Christmas party for them.


It is difficult to conceive of observing Christmas in the modern universe without believing about giving gifts. But. have you of all time thought to yourself. “Why do we give gifts at Christmas? ” In some ways. the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas is a really ancient tradition. In other ways. giving gifts at Christmas is a comparatively new development. every bit good. Gift giving is one of the nucleus facets of the modern Christmas jubilation ; the kernel of the Christmas season.

Planing and carry oning of activity like gift giving is so difficult because immense sum of money or financess are needed to carry through it. So our group plans to carry on a caroling and solicits to each of our barangay functionaries to roll up financess for this charity work.

When we are wrapping the gifts. we feel so aroused and we’re believing about what will they experience and state to our gifts for them. And when we are traveling to the Nueva Ecija Home for Girls. we feel so nervous and aroused. But when we see the smilings of the orphans. we feel so really happy and pleasured. We feel great and really happy non merely because we give gifts to the orphans in the Home for Girls but besides because we put smilings on their faces and gave felicity. Even though our gifts were non expensive or so particular. each of them appreciate it really much and show their highest gratitude to us. It’s so nice to assist others particularly to the orphans.

Every clinch and thank you from them make us call. They truly touched our Black Marias. We can’t imagine that in a simple party and simple gifts can do them happy. We feel so happy particularly when we hear a kid said “ Ngayon lang ako pecking masaya ng ganito” . Every message that we receive from them like “ ate maraming salamat po” . “ kuya babalik knockout ha” . And as they hug and kiss us we feel that they truly necessitate more attention

and love that’s why we decided that every Christmas we are traveling to see them and convey some smiling on their faces. This lone proves that “It’s better to give. than to have. ”