FIFA World Cup 2014 Essay Example
FIFA World Cup 2014 Essay Example

FIFA World Cup 2014 Essay Example

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  • Published: August 21, 2017
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The route to Brazil will be a tough one, that being said by the ex-French international zinedine zidane ( adjunct director existent Madrid ) . He is right ; presently about all of the participants responsible for the outstanding public presentations in the conferences will be showcasing their endowments in this year’s most exciting and extremely watched show. With all the force per unit area of the champions’ conference and the assorted conferences now being over, there is merely one focal point for all the international participants and managers. To do the squad that will travel the distance. There are a important sum of statements about the strongest squad being out at that place but which one will it be. All the squads are traveling out to win it but merely one can in the termi


nal. Here are some of the squads that are in contention of taking the cup back to their place state.


The of all time so terrific menace of the German squad having the likes of Phillip Lahm and Mesut Ozil has now gained an even greater spearhead sing the recent aces taking the German conference by storm. With new participants like Mario Goetze, Tony Kroos and Marco Reus among the names of many talented immature German stars. The two clip bronze victors ( 2006 ) , ( 2010 ) have their eyes set on gold this clip. With an assailing manner of drama and a head for end, this squad is one strong rival for the best of them.


Although a blue public presentation in the recent universe cups, England are ever a large fish in these kind of things. With experien

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participants like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard commanding the game with their playmaking manner and the likes of England’s no 1 striker Wayne Rooney up forepart will do this squad populate up to its repute. Other than the participants, this squad has another card up its arm. Coach ( Roy Hodgeson ) of the England side provinces in his book MY TOP 21 “young participants have been pushed up and they do non even have to be trained, their directors will make that occupation. The male childs play for their nines in the Prime Minister conference and happen the accomplishments and experience they need to play with the large male childs, although I admit that the universe cup is on a whole new degree with everyone contending for their states sake, we have participants that can draw through when the minute arrives.” Thus doing England one of the states with no restrictions on options of participants which to take from. Making the perfect scheme from amongst the different types of participants and their accomplishments depending on the oppositions will be easy for Roy Hodgeson.


The key for Netherlands prevarications, non in their defence or the individual protecting the end, but it lies in their Wingss, their Mid-Field and their sweet work stoppages on end. The mid-field drama is handled by one of the best playmaking couple in the universe, Rafael van der Vaart and Wesley Sneijder. Van der Vaart is chiefly known for his up-field drama but Sneijder is an around tactician, from impossible looking free-kicks to undertaking, this adult male can make it all and with some similar Arjen Robben on the wing to back

up his drama, let’s merely state Netherlands is bound to maintain things interesting. Last we have the adult male taking the end hiting chart from the forepart, the Famous Manchester United Star Robin Van Persie who has legion awards to his name and will decidedly be looking to add another one onto the list!


Although an underdog in most football experts’ eyes, some say that this squad will surprise us all. From what we gathered at the 2010 World Cup, this squad crushing giants like Argentina hiting a arresting win and a topographic point in the semifinals is no push over this clip every bit good. With the likes of one of the best forwards in the universe Luis Suarez and the experient Diego Forlan, this squad is looking to do another major disturbance in the biggest football event in the universe.

Argentine Republics:

So eventually, we move onto the squad of strikers. Argentina possibly is the state gifted most with some of the best striker of the universe. The squad is non known for its defending or its playmaking, but merely by the ability its participants possess of turning zero-chances into ends. Normally ranked asthe best participant in the universeand rated by some observers, managers and participants as the greatest football player of all clip,  , Messi is the teams Centre-Forward and is the first football participant in history to win four Ballon d'Ors ( the highest football award ) , every bit good as the first to win three European Golden Shoe awards. Supporting him is Sergio Augero, the chief striker at Manchester City who became City’s participant of the twelvemonth award in 2012 by interrupting

its all-time high marking record of Francis Lee ; Augero secured 13 Goals to his name and harmonizing to Stan Collymore in his article ’30 grounds to be excited about the 2014 fifa universe cup’the 9th ground is Augero’s conflict for the Golden Boot Award.


The current reigning title-holders of the universe and the current title-holders of Europe have the most fan followers and justly so. Due to their impressive manner of drama, their subliminal counter onslaughts, the super playmaking and the surprisingly skilled participants that are the most exciting to watch in the game. When the participants step out on any bowl, the reaction of the crowd tells the narrative. The squad that is the favourite to win this clip and the following to come will evidently be a title rival. With so many talented participants like Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Juan Mata and many more at their disposal, this squad is decidedly the strongest on paper. Any accomplishment in the book has a several participant for it in the ranks of the Spanish international squad. Even so, the biggest strength that they possess is their assurance. Every participant has this feeling of belief in them. They have the feeling that they are unbeatable. With all the participants a portion of La Liga ( Spanish Premier League ) , they have the experience to demo what they are capable of no affair what the state of affairs. This twelvemonth, they are besides predicted to stop up raising the universe cup. Although nil is confirmed now, the fans are pretty certain that their national heroes will be title-holders one time once more.

Portuguese Republic:

So it’s eventually here,

the one adult male squad. The captain of Portugal Football squad is Cristiano Ronaldo ; the most expensive participant in the universe as of his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid back in 2009 with a transportation fee of 80 million lbs. In 2007, Ronaldo was the first participant in England to win all 4 chief PFA and FWA awards. In 2008 and 2013, he won the FIFA/Ballon d'Or award for the best football player in the universe, the first Portuguese participant to win the award twice . In a 2014 UEFA canvass,Ronaldo was named the greatest end scorer to play in the UEFA Champions League .


Last, but decidedly non the least, we have the place squad Brazil. With a strong base of guardians get downing from the most expensive guardian in the universe David Luiz and the phenomenal Thiago Silva with the Real Madrid Left-Back Marcelo back uping them on the wing, this a is defence to be reckoned with. Their Mid-Field drama is lead by the gifted Chelsea Duo Oscar and Ramirez whose base on ballss will be important for the enthusiastic new forward Neymar and the experient former Porto star Hulk, you can wager they are bound to problem the upper half of the universe cup competition.


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