FIFA 2010 World Cup Essay Example
FIFA 2010 World Cup Essay Example

FIFA 2010 World Cup Essay Example

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  • Published: August 29, 2017
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CW2 – Sport Business Report


When South Africa won the anteroom for hosting the 2010 FIFA universe cup, intelligence went viral about it and about reached everyone in the universe. It was a great minute of joy and jubilations particularly in the African states. This exultant joy and pomp jubilations might hold been because of the continent’s efforts in command to host this mega athletics event without success. Many people around the universe had their eyes fixed on South Africa, some oppugning the ability of the state to host such a celebrated activity in the world’s calendar. Some people saw merriment ; others saw failure and the remainder predicted the worst scenario of terrorist onslaught. These reactions on this event were based on South Africa’s economic ability to fix adequately for the juncture. Similarly, panic o


nslaughts and other security challenges were extremely suspected sing the failings in the South Africa’s security system. On the reverse, some companies affiliated to FIFA like Coca Cola, Adidas and the KIA Motors, among others, saw a concern chance at that place. They sponsored the event, aboard FIFA and the South African authorities, by supplying services the football merriments who gathered at that place, local and international, needed ( Collins 2009 ) . This concern study, hence, exhumes the motivations behind the sponsorship, outlooks, challenges faced during the event and hazards that were involved. Further, it analyses the cost-benefit ratio, shows consequences and recommendations upon which valuable lesions may be learnt.

Vision and scheme

The FIFA patrons, merely like any other patron, have visions that they would wish to accomplish at the terminal of the event. They might hold had different visions

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on this mega undertaking, but at least their mission was in line with that of FIFA and the authorities of South Africa ( Grundling and Steynberg 2010 ) . These visions include:

* Unity around the universe

The chief of purpose of FIFA is the battle against racism and fostering universe integrity through football. This peculiarly in line with what happened in South Africa about ten old ages ago during the racial segregation of Apartheid. When people from different civilization unite, they portion the interracial civilizations that farther strengthen racial bonds. Through this, integrity of all races around the universe is achieved. Therefore, these companies being close spouses with FIFA in football athletics had this integrity in head before volunteering to patronize this great event.

* Financial capital

These companies are concern oriented. They are non charity based. In back uping the event, they had in head the chance of selling their merchandises and advancing their companies’ image as a selling scheme. World’s large sporting events, like FIFA universe cup, are ever known to pull many people. These people come from different scenes ; economic background, race, and civilization. They form a good forum for selling merchandises by assorted companies since they are possible purchasers. Therefore, by back uping this event, these companies had selling scheme in head for their goods and services.

* Opportunity

African states have ever registered ailments that the continent is being sidelined when it comes to creative activity of chances. FIFA and the spouse companies, hence, took the universe cup event to South Africa with an purpose of making chance for all.

* Performance

This is another primary end of FIFA. It aims at beef uping and advancing

persons with endowments. By making such a universe platform to the participants, the participants would showcase their accomplishments to pull acknowledgment that would profit them subsequently in their football calling.

* Integrity

All participants must follow the regulation of the game. This act of playing within the cordon of regulations and ordinance promotes unity. This does non merely go on to the participants, but besides to the fans and viewing audiences. When you play difficult and make non finally win, and you accept the consequences, so you show a high degree of adulthood and unity. Integrity and competition are cardinal facets in the concern field ; they measure the degree of moralss and finding in a company.

* Economic development

Despite being the gateway to Africa, South Africa still has some economic challenges. Poor substructure, low tourer attractive force, and unequal capital investing among others, are still large concern for this state ( Grundling and Steynberge 2010 ) . By FIFA accepting to take this major football event at that place, FIFA and the South African authorities were aiming to assist spur economic development in that portion of the universe.


Like any other undertaking, the 2010 FIFA universe cup in South Africa faced many challenges. These challenges, runing from political to societal, interfered with the planning of the event in one manner or another. Racial segregation, hapless conveyance web, security menaces and developing economic system challenged the undertaking timeline in varied ways. To understand to the full the deduction of these challenges, the study segments them as:

* Insecurity

Security is of premier concern and takes first precedence whenever an event is planned and executed. With the proliferations of the panic promotion

throughout the universe, the organisers of the 2010 FIFA universe cup were more concerned with security than any other thing. The porousness in the South African security system posed a great challenge. With the high figure of people expected to go to the event, subjects and aliens, the security forces had to be after decently on how to pull off security hazards ( Horn and Breetzke 2008 ) . Measures such flight control over the bowl and corporation with the Interpol helped overthrow terrorist secret plans to assail the transnational association football fans.

* Infrastructure

Failure to co-host the tourney with other African states forced the South African authorities to utilize its local metropoliss and towns in hosting the event. This put a batch force per unit area on the authorities and other organisers to better the route net-work and lodging installations ( Collins 2009 ) . These installations were in a distressing province, upon which the betterment would necessitate more financess and clip. This, hence, was a challenge in keeping the event because the betterments that were done ne'er solved the challenges in the conveyance sector.

* Economy

South Africa is a developing economic system. In making the necessary betterments of the substructure and stadia building, the authorities would necessitate more financess than it was capable. Since these were to be carried out, the organisers found it difficult in run intoing the FIFA demands. The authorities used the societal financess to back up the undertaking. This was more of a challenge than was expected ( Cottle 2007 ) .

* Racism

Despite the event go oning in the station Apartheid epoch, the state was still coping with racial bias and

hatred. Therefore, it was hard to keep such a first tourney in such a racially bias society. In work outing this challenge, the South African authorities, the media and the FIFA-and-partners rolled out both national and planetary run to portray the state as racially stable and cohesive than in the yesteryear ( Der Merwe 2007 ) .

* Political instability

The undertaking demands were so high, given the distressing province of the infrastructural development. The authorities, as a consequence, used the societal financess in bowl building and route net-work betterment. In safeguarding the involvement of the citizens, the resistance functionaries rolled out a run with a position to halt the Jacob Zuma’s Administration from misapplying societal financess ( Bloomfied 2010 ) . They articulated that this act was wasting public money alternatively of work outing the internal challenges that were impacting the people of South Africa. This destabilized the political forepart and wedged negatively on the advancement of the readying for the event.


FIFA tourneies are large events, and can non be organized by a individual entity. It needs corporations among the host state, FIFA and affiliate companies, host-cities’ disposals and international organic structures such as the United Nations ( UN ) and the Interpol. In clarifying this corporate-web among these organic structures, the study discusses each and the function it played as:

* South African Government

At least the authorities of South Africa deserves an acclamation for their positive attitude and part during the readying event and tournament period. It proved the Afro-skeptics incorrect on the fiscal capableness of the state. In corporation with FIFA functionaries to host the event, the authorities was required to pick the measure for

infrastructural betterment and stadia building. From dependable beginnings, the authorities spent R28 billion. On its portion, the state’s intelligence and security forces helped offer security to the tourney organisers ( Horn and Breetzke 2009 ) . Furthermore, it was the governments’ function to guarantee to the transnational football fans, FIFA functionaries, tourers and the participants who participated in the full exercising.

* FIFA and Affiliate Companies

Bing the major interest holder in the tourney, FIFA and the spouse companies worked closely with the remainder of the stakeholders. It set standers for the event and inspected the readying schemes that each stakeholder put in topographic point. The undertaking of forming a universe cup FIFA is so complicated that, without proper direction, the undertaking may derail from the coveted class, and even agenda. To win in South Africa, FIFA worked closely with the local organisers that were headed by Dr. Danny Jordaan. He acted as the joint executive officers of the local organisers. Through him, the FIFA functionaries could asses the advancement of the readying exercising. Reliable beginning reveals how FIFA had to give $ 100 million to the forming commission in order to fast-track the undertaking. This was besides aimed at run intoing the fiscal spread in fixing the exercising installations ( Bohlman and Heerden 2009 ) .

The FIFA affiliate companies besides helped accomplishing the undertakings ends. They provided goods and services to the visitants and the football fans who gathered there the full period. Coca Cola Company provided drinks and KIA motors helped in inter-city transit of fans and visitants. The Adidas Company on the other manus, provided playing kits to the participants. Despite these goods and

services being provided at a fee, they contributed to the success of the undertaking.

* United Nations

On 8th June, 2010, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon headed to South Africa in circuit that would be seen as show of corporation in the 2010 universe cup tourney ( Traveling South Africa ) . Not to advert the 64/5 Resolution that was passed by the UN General Assembly in October 2009, will be a error. This declaration aimed consolidating the world’s support to the on-going readying exercising in the host state, South Africa. Reliable beginnings account that the UN contributed a batch in guaranting the success of the tourney. It besides formulated the Millennium Development ( MDG ) motto: “8 Goals for Africa” , to beat farther the support of other developed states to the tourney.

Equally deserving observing, is the part of other the assorted UN sections ; International organisation for Migration ( IOM ) , UN Population Fund ( UNFPA ) , and World Health Organization ( WHO ) among others. The IOM rolled out a planetary run against human trafficking apart from steps to restrict this frailty during the tourney ( Cottle 2007 ) . On the other manus, UNFPA donated 25 level Television screens to expose the bowl events for viewing audiences outside the bowl. It besides relayed the MDG ends on universe population control. Apart from the runs on racism, the UN through the WHO, helped in wellness direction by supplying ambulances for exigency intents and intervention services in the instances of disease eruption. All these plans were done in coaction with the FIFA functionaries and the authorities of South Africa.

* Interpol

Interpol is an international

organic structure that helps in probe, sensing and bar of the international offenses. It operates in the 190 member states and has its central offices in Lyon ( Horn and Breetzke 2009 ) . In order to overthrow the possibility international terrorist act in South Africa, the Interpol staged a impermanent headquarter in Johannesburg to help in the security direction during the tourney. This was done in audience with the South Africa constabularies and the intelligence service. In a address at the official gap of the tourney, the Interpol Secretary-General, Ronald K. , reiterated that the Interpol was committed to guarantee entire security for all during the event ( Horn and Breetzke 2009 ) . This was more than a committedness ; it was a scheme to incorporate the security state of affairs. This was done in coaction with FIFA functionaries.


Bing the first of its sort to go on in the African continent, 2010 FIFA universe cup had several hazards built-in in it. These hazards were due to assorted factors that ranged from disease infection to political instability. The study analyses each factor and the hazards in it as:

The hazard tabular array

Risk| Nature| Effects| Solution|

1.Terrorism| political| Terrorism is a multinational flagellum that knows no boundary lines. If successfully organized, it can go on anyplace at any clip. It, hence, remained a hazard throughout the tournament period. Bing a challenge and a hazard, all at a spell, terrorist act proved to the biggest job to the organisers of the 2010 universe cup ( Horn and Breetzk 2009 ) . | -Temporary flight limitation over the stadia.-Corporation between the South Africa Police and Interpol. |

2. Health| Social|

The universe cup tourneies are known to pull many people from different parts of the universe. Furthermore, the overcrowding by the fans, both international and local, has ever been associated with high rate eruption and spread of diseases of diseases ( Der Merwe 2007 ) | -UN through WHO, provided wellness kits, nomadic clinics and ambulance for exigency intents in the instance of disease eruption. -The authorities of South Africa, ensured proper showing of tourers at the chief airdromes |

3. The Zimbabwean political instability| Political| The political and economic instability in Zimbabwe posed hazard of greater magnitude to the success of the tourney ( Bloomfield 2010 ) . This is because the Zimbabwean opposition’s accusals of the Government of South Africa in back uping the Mugabe’s bossy regulation. Upon which they warned to interrupt the FIFA universe cup tourney. | -Bilateral negotiations between the Government of South Africa and the Opposition functionaries in Zimbabwe. |

4.Poor turnout| Economic| Poor turnout by local association football fans was a great hazard that both the authorities of South Africa and the FIFA functionaries had to work out. As has been clearly outlined, both the authorities and the FIFA invested a batch of financess in the undertaking. | -The authorities in coaction with the FIFA functionaries normalized the entryway fee so as to incorporate as many people as possible. |

Recommendations and Lessons learnt.

The 2010 FIFA universe cup tourney in South Africa was one of the most successful FIFA undertakings in the recent decennaries. High degree of readiness, finding, resiliency in the face of trouble, subject and high turnout, all grade this event to be extremely dramatic and exultant. Therefore, for

future events of the same nature, the undermentioned recommendation can function as possible lesions:

* The national security and communicating

Despite the failings that were registered in the security system of South Africa, the authorities through improved intelligence, the authorities ensured security for the full period of the tourney. Working closely with Interpol, terrorist act secret plans were thwarted and the internal security hazards were subverted. Therefore, any state keeping such a large event should work together with Interpol and other security variety meats to keep peace and stableness ( Pillay et al 2009 ) .

* Risk direction

Political, economical and societal hazards were all the challenges that the stakeholders in the 2010 FIFA universe cup had to cope with during the event. The Zimbabwean political instability, racial segregation, possibility of disease eruption, and anarchy were parlous to the event. The fact that the stakeholders contained them through joint corporations is serious lesson to any state that would subsequently prosecute in such a undertaking. It was successful.

* Project direction

This is really of import since it is the lone positive index of any undertaking. Proper planning, thorough appraisal and funding, like in the 2010 FIFA tourney, are the lone ways through which any undertaking can win. Everyone must larn from this ; every state must copy it.


Although the outlooks were many, hopes were high, the odds and challenges were great, but the 2010 FIFA universe tourney triumphed. It took the stakeholders more than money to get at this point. Determination in the face of trouble, resiliency, Joint Corporation and subject were the lone cardinal factors that underpinned this winning undertaking.


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