Essay on Finance

Consequences of High Interest Rates in the Ghanaian Economy…..

Interest rates are among the closely watched variables in the economy. The media on daily bases record their movement because they affect our everyday lives and have crucial consequences for the health of the economy. They affect personal decisions as whether to consume or save, whether to buy a house and whether to purchase bonds […]

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The Linked Exchange Rate System Between Us $ and Hong Kong $

Introduction The Hong Kong dollar is officially linked to the US dollar at the rate of 7. 8 Hong Kong dollars to one US dollar. This Linked Exchange Rate system,which has been in existence since 17 October 1983, is the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s financial system. The Link ensures that the Hong Kong dollar has […]

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Free Market Is the Most Efficient

The free market is the most efficient way of allocating resources in Singapore. ‘ Do you agree? Every society in the world, including Singapore faces the basic problem of scarcity. I. e Allocating resources occurs because there is unlimited human wants and limited resources, hence the problem of scarcity derives. There is three basic choices […]

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Pros and Cons of a free market

Regulation of a market economy is reported to come at significant cost not only from responsible agencies enforcing the regulation but also by the relevant stakeholders undertaking actions to comply (McNeil & O’Brien 2010, p. 66). However the market economy relies greatly on stakeholders such as Investors having confidence and trust in the system. In […]

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Weighted Average Cost of Capital

This session-long project looks at the calculations used to determine the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). This SLP calculates the WACC for my SLP company – McDonalds discusses how those calculations were arrived at and briefly describes WACC and what investors use it for. Company name: McDonald’s Inc, balance sheet date: 31 Dec 07, […]

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Sport funding in the UK

SPORT Support Introduction: What is athletics? The Webster ( 2003 ) [ 1 ] dictionary offers a definition for athletics which defines it as ‘an athletic game or interest frequently competitory and affecting physical capability’ . Over the past few decennaries the athleticss industry has been dining as peculiar athleticss addition in popularity. Increases in […]

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