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Ameriquest Essay Example
1527 words 6 pages

Ameriquest: Socially Responsible or Reprehensible? Ameriquest, a private sub-prime mortgage lender, considers itself “the proud sponsor of the American Dream”, but many consumers and former employees of Ameriquest feel otherwise, as they tell nightmarish stories of deception. The company is one of the nation’s leading private sub-prime lenders. Originally known as a bank named Long […]

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Buying Homes Loan Personal finance Subprime Lending
M-Commerce in Kenya Essay Example
5603 words 21 pages

INTRODUCTION Businesses in Africa are turning to the internet to enable them reach a wider market. This is known as Electronic Commerce, where buying, selling, investing and lending is done over the internet. Unfortunately in Kenya, the internet infrastructure is very limited. However with the cell phone boom, there is hope through Mobile Commerce. 1. […]

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Internet Inventory Logistics Personal finance Technology
Bankruptcy and Debtor-Creditor Relations Essay Example
839 words 4 pages

Today, however, bankruptcy has evolved into a procedure in which a person or business may preserve their remaining assets, reorganize and continue on or obtain a fresh-start in life. Bankruptcy can be defined simply as “the legal process by which the assets of a debtor are sold to pay off creditors so that the debtors […]

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Banking Bankruptcy Personal finance
The Federal National Mortgage Association Essay Example
3473 words 13 pages

The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) (NYSE: FNM), commonly known as Fannie Mae, is a stockholder-owned corporation chartered by Congress in 1968 as a government sponsored enterprise (GSE), but founded in 1938 during the Depression. Contrary to some beliefs, Fannie Mae does not make home loans directly to consumers, but rather functions as an intermediary […]

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Contract Law Mortgage Loan Nationalism Personal finance
Vehicle Repossession Essay Example
347 words 2 pages

Default is defined as the unsuccessful act or the failure to carry through what has been officially and ethically agreed upon. Default is often associated with the failure of payment of debts associated with Bankss or other loaning and selling groups or companies. 2. Collateral on the other manus is the term used for something […]

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Business Law Debt Personal finance
Cola Wars Case Essay Example
1174 words 5 pages

Concentrate Producers and Bottlers were two of the four major participants that were involved in the production and distribution of Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs) in the United States. The Concentrate Producers (CPs) were responsible for blending raw material ingredients, packaging the blend in plastic canisters, and shipping it to the Bottler. Using Porter’s Five Forces […]

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Coca-Cola Microeconomics Pepsi Personal finance Research Soft Drinks
Financial Constraints and Personal Finance Essay Example
307 words 2 pages

Financial constraint is the cash0limited budget which is legislatively-imposed and is under the influence of the Central Government and the Police Forces must operate within them. As it is seen, the presence of financial control is apparent and can’t be ignored, though the importance of financial management is a constraint on policing. Simply saying, financial […]

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Money Personal finance
Types of Voluntary Liquidation Essay Example
333 words 2 pages

Voluntary liquidation occurs when the members of the company resolve to voluntarily wind-up the affairs of the company and dissolve. Voluntary liquidation begins when the company passes the resolution, and the company will generally cease to carry on business at that time (if it has not done so already). If the company is solvent, and […]

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Balance Sheet Bank Bankruptcy Business Debt Law Personal finance
Priority Sector Lending Essay Example
750 words 3 pages

Some areas or fields in a country depending on its economic condition or government interest are prioritized and are called priority sectors i. e. industry, agriculture. These may further be sub divided. Banks are directed by the state bank of the country that loans must be given on reduced interest rates with discounts to promote […]

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Banking Financial Services Personal finance
Going Paperless Essay Example
800 words 3 pages

Abstract As the economy weakens, Americans begin to find ways to save money. One of the latest trends in saving money is considered “the paperless office”. This new paperless office method is a concept that is now considered “Green”, also known as environmentally friendly. These “Green” approaches are engineered to help save money and save […]

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Business Operations Business Process Management Natural Environment Personal finance Sustainable Development
Why Cpr and First Aid Are Important Essay Example
634 words 3 pages

CPR and first aid techniques are life saving skills everyone should know and master because you never know when a situation will occur when CPR and first aid may be needed. Mastering these skills will prepare you for the actions you find necessary when trying to give someone the best chance of survival with minimal […]

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Education Medicine Personal finance Safety
Concept of Consumption and Saving Essay Example
860 words 4 pages

In general application, saving usually stands for depositing money separately for a particular purpose, for instance, investment in a retirement plan or depositing cash in the bank. In other words, savings means the reduction of expenditure and the act to avoid wastage. According to the personal finance concept, saving means keeping or conserving money to […]

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Business Investing Macroeconomics Personal finance
Pre-Packaged Administration between the U.S. Essay Example
4212 words 16 pages

This essay will discuss the practice of pre-pack administration in both united States and United Kingdom. To amplify, features of pre-pack administration will be listed firstly, following by pre-pack situation in both countries, including procedure, aspects related to court, practitioner (trustee) and creditors and specific requirements such the Schedule 31 of Insolvency Act 1984 In […]

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Administration Bankruptcy Debt Personal finance
Personal Qualities and Life Experiences Essay Example
246 words 1 page

Moving to the United States from Russia at the age of thirteen, I was faced with a culture shock. This was a different environment with different culture and language. I had to struggle to fit into this new society. I had to learn the language and the thinking of the people. I also had to […]

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Myself Personal Experience Personal finance Work Experience

Popular Questions About Personal finance

What is the best personal finance?
Quicken. This software has been around for a long time, and it is one of the most established software in the market.Personal Capital. Personal Capital allows you to manage your finances using a single platform. TurboTax. This is the TAXATION app. YNAB. YNAB stands for - You Need a Budget.
What is the key to successful personal finance?
​7 Keys to Successful Personal FinanceHAVE A HEALTHY ATTITUDE TOWARD MONEY. "Balancing financial goals with other important life goals is key to your happiness. SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN. "A good many people live on less than you make. AVOID CONSUMER DEBT. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY & ASSETS. SAVE FOR FUTURE FINANCIAL GOALS AND NEEDS. INCREASE YOUR INCOME THROUGH INVESTING. OPTIMIZE TAXPAYING.
What does personal finance mean to you?
Personal finance is the process of effectively managing assets in the possession of an individual or a family. The approach dictates that attention is given to the generation of income for the household, allotting specific amounts of that income to cover all expenses associated with the household,
What are personal finance goals?
Personal finance is about meeting personal financial goals, whether it’s meeting short-term financial needs, planning for retirement or saving for your child's college education.
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