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Nowadays, workplace stress is very usual; however, excessive stress can lead to difference consequences like physical, psychological as well as behavioral. Those consequences are affecting the staff performance as well as the impact on both physical and emotional health of them resulting in the high absence rate, job dissatisfaction and high turnover to the organization. Please see Appendix C to show the stress curve to demonstrate the relationship between stress and performance) Based on the information gathered from the exit interview, the third high reason that why the employee to leave KFC is “Work Pressure” (shown in Appendix B Exhibit 2), which excessive stress push the employee to resign from the company.

In order to identify the stressors in KFC, we first have a look into the result of employee satisfaction survey (Founders’ Survey) (shown in Appendix B Exhibit 3) interviewed 153 frontline managers in 2012, the areas that the frontline manager wanted the company to improve is about the working environment and the depreciation of the machinery, which can be identified as physical stressors in “NIOSH model of Stress” (shown in Appendix C Exhibit 2). In order to reduce the stress in the workplace, so that to retain the employee, there are different level of strategies to use.

They are primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies. (Frank J. and Jeffrey M. 2010) The primary prevention strategies are concerned with changing or eliminating the stressors in the work place. (Cartwright and Cooper, 2005) . In the current situation, as most of the frontline manager complaint about the working environment and the old machinery, we would suggest Birdland (Hong Kong) Limited to have shop renovation so as to re-design the working environment to create enough working space so as to minimize the danger of getting hurt and rest room for employee.

Besides, replacement of old machinery and better maintenance support while malfunctioning of machinery happened in non-office hours are another ways we advice Birdland (Hong Kong) Limited to do, so that the frontline manager can get better support from the company and reduce their stress level. Moreover, apart from removing the above physical stressors, redesigning the work and jobs can also reduce stressors like the number of hours worked (Sparks, Cooper, Fried and Shirom, 1997) which is another area that the frontline managers want the company to improve.

Based on the above idea, KFC should held leadership conference periodically and encourage shop manager to come prepared for the meetings with questions they have came across while their daily operation as well as share their experiences in troubleshooting their work and information which can increase the employee participation in decision making and increase their autonomy on their job.

Besides using the primary prevention strategies, we would recommend KFC to use secondary prevention strategies, this type of strategies involve amending responses to stressors, not like the primary strategies are to eliminate the stressors. It is an indirect way to reduce stress as it addresses the experience of stress rather than the stressors. As mention before, we suggest KFC to held leadership conference periodically, during the conference, the senior management can provide constant guidance, coaching and feedback.

Through those interactions between the frontline managers and senior management, the frontline manager can gain recognition from the senior management as well as the support from them. Also, providing team building activities can improve the sense of belonging and work engagement of employees, so that the frontline managers can gain more social support from each other and achieve the goal of reducing the work stress.

To sum-up, workplace stress is very common, however, in KFC’s situation, the stress level is quite high, so that the frontline managers choose to leave the company. That’s why KFC should not only focus on how to maintain the competitiveness of the compensation package or the career development of the employees, they should also need to focus on the stress management of the frontline staff as this will affect the overall performance of the employees (shown in Appendix C Figure 1).

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