The Story Of Tom Brennan Argumentative Essay Example
The Story Of Tom Brennan Argumentative Essay Example

The Story Of Tom Brennan Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: November 26, 2016
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According to Jane Burke, The Story of Tom Brennan revolves around the transformation in Tom's life after a tragic car crash. In this event, Daniel Brennan crashed his blue ford falcon into a tree, causing the deaths of two people and injuring another individual. As a result, Tom is overwhelmed with despair and anger as he tries to regain a sense of normalcy. The book examines the themes of darkness and light, exploring the factors that guide us towards darkness and those that guide us back towards light.

After the accident, Tom is consumed by darkness and despair, which takes him to an unknown location. His room, referred to as "the cave," symbolizes his internal struggle. In the book, Tom faces daily challenges in his quest to regain the happiness he once experienced. Jane Burke argues that although darkness init


ially dominates, the theme of light persists until the story's end.

Brendan provides Tom with continuous support as he transitions from a troubled past to a brighter future. Brendan runs alongside Tom, offering unwavering encouragement and helping him find hope and excitement for what lies ahead. Their shared love for running not only enhances Tom's physical fitness but also boosts his self-confidence and improves his performance in rugby. Additionally, Brendan arranges a trip to Nepal for Tom, giving him something to anticipate and someone trustworthy to confide in. All of these experiences greatly contribute to Tom's ability to maintain a positive mindset and distance himself from the darkness he once experienced. Joining Brendan at the waterhole leaves Tom with a sense of tranquility that reflects his newfound appreciation for the beauty o

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Chrissy plays a significant role in enhancing Tom's emotional well-being by making him feel valued, wanted, and acknowledged. This support enables him to be more open and expressive about his emotions, resulting in an improved emotional state and the alleviation of the weight of his secret. Every day spent with Chrissy brings enthusiasm and positivity into Tom's life, creating a stark contrast to the sorrow and melancholy he experienced following the accident. Being in Chrissy's presence fills him with great joy and happiness, prompting him to express his appreciation by saying, "You have assisted me in rediscovering my authentic self."

The main idea of The Story of Tom Brennan centers around Tom's transformation from darkness to light. Just like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, Tom goes through a shift from the darkness in his mind following the accident to the brightness of existence. Similar to a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, with some help, Tom emerges into the light as someone who is liberated, joyful, and satisfied.

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