Irony In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

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In “The Lottery” . Shirley Jackson uses boding. symbolism. and sarcasm throughout her narrative to demo that decease is at hand in the terminal. Not merely do clip and topographic point bear of import hints as to the allegorical significance of “The Lottery” but the really names of the characters are loaded with significance. What is more. it will be shown what an of import function these literary devices play in this short narrative. enriching the significance. transforming the cruel act of lapidating. and the whole procedure taking to it into a word picture of dealingss between an person and the community.


I ) Shirley Jackson uses boding
A ) Peoples being late for the lottery. when usually people would hotfoot to desire to see if they won. and non one individual did.
* B ) The names Mr. Graves. Mr. Warner have interesting significances and Shirley Jackson uses them to bode. *

C ) The kids picking up rocks: evident that the rocks are traveling to be used in a mode non contributing to continued life. *

II ) Shirley Jackson uses symbolism
A ) Black box *
B ) Boys garnering rocks and pebbles: Indoctrination or brainwashing that is passed on from one coevals to the following. *
C ) The significance behind Mrs. Delacroix and Mr. Summers. Mr. Summers has the visual aspect of normality and sunniness concealment immorality and corruptness. *
D ) Village: That which appears normal and even benevolent but which seaports inner corruptness and immorality. *

III ) Shirley Jackson uses sarcasm
A ) The word “lottery” suggests that the villagers are traveling to pull for a award. *
B ) The cheery twenty-four hours suggests that a happy event is about to take topographic point. *
C ) When Old Man Warner hears that the north small town is sing stoping the lottery. he says. “Next thing you know. they’ll be desiring to travel back to life in caves. ” ( The lottery is as barbarian and barbaric a ritual as any practiced by cave dwellers. ) *

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