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The Lottery essays are inclusive but not limited to the moral of the story. The fictional short story has a main theme that focuses on the powerful tradition and ritual beliefs have on society and some of the Lottery essays examples discuss the repercussions of the same. Other talking points may include other themes discussed, the reception, and adaptions in the book.

Some traditions and some rituals have been outdated or are no longer practiced due to literacy or religious/spiritual beliefs but some are still practiced and you will find college essays about The Lottery discussing how the story is relatable to today’s modern man. Although the book is fiction, the relationship the characters had is not so different from how we relate as communities in today’s society therefore its relevance is not lost. Tradition and ritual beliefs may have positive and negative impacts and with progressively the world is today, some of those beliefs become outdated and even dangerous.

Irony of The Setting in The Lottery
2208 words 5 pages

The setting set forth by Shirley Jackson in the beginning of The Lottery creates a mood of peacefulness and tranquillity. This setting also creates an image in the mind of the reader, the image of a typical town on a normal summer day. Furthermore, Shirley Jackson uses the setting in The Lottery to foreshadow an […]

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Literature Lottery Shirley Jackson The Lottery
The Resistance to Change Essay Example
2012 words 4 pages

Change can be seen as costive or negative, but those who are set in their own ways can tend to resist change even when it is needed most. In the two short stories “The Possibility of Evil” and “The Lottery’, both written by Shirley Jackson, there are strong rationalizations as to why change should take […]

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Change Evil The Lottery Tradition
Study Guide: "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson
1131 words 3 pages

question “The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day;the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green.” Descriptive language is being used here to help create a mental image that appeals to our senses of vision, feeling, and smell. The following excerpt is an […]

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The Lottery
Symbolism in the Lottery Essay Example
758 words 2 pages

Symbolism in “The Lottery” The definition of the word lottery is a process or happening that is or seems to be determined by chance. In the story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, the author takes this to an extreme level. She uses various symbols to portray this grim story. By using symbols such as the […]

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Fiction Literature Lottery Symbolism The Lottery
Expect the Unexpected Essay Example
1839 words 4 pages

What thoughts come to mind when you think of “The Lottery? ” Positive thoughts including money, a new home, excitement, and happiness are all associated with the lottery in most cases. However, this is not the case in Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery”. Here, the characters in the story are not gambling for money, […]

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Books Boxing Children Divorce Family Fiction Literature Shirley Jackson Short Story Social Institution Society Sports The Lottery The New Yorker
Shirley Jackson Interview Essay Example
851 words 2 pages

Interview with Shirley Jackson I still remember the day we were assigned to do a research paper on a piece of literature we had read in my English 198 class. The story I chose to write my paper on was “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, it was one of my favorites. Luckily for me Mrs. […]

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Interview Literature Shirley Jackson The Lottery
The Unlucky Winner
1002 words 2 pages

The Unlucky Winner In Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”, the setting deceives the reader making them think the lottery is a typical annual social event held on a peaceful summer day. The whole town anxiously gathers together in the town square for the lottery. The names of the townspeople are called one at a […]

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Books Boxing Children Divorce Family Fashion Footwear Religion Ritual Shoes Short Story Social Institution Society Sports Summer The Lottery The New Yorker
Analysis of the Tradition in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”
527 words 2 pages

Analysis of the Tradition in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” Shirley Jackson illustrates the struggle between choosing personal morals, versus blindly following the masses. When you stop questioning authority, you relinquish your individuality and the tools that you’ve been given to rationalize your decisions. Traditions and customs often lose their meaning and value once it becomes […]

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Philosophy The Lottery Tradition
“The Rocking-Horse Winner”, “The Lottery”, and “The Shining Houses”
804 words 2 pages

Many times, people believe that they must achieve a certain social status within a community due to the need of acceptance, or perhaps, simply the fear of being rejected. Communities normally demonstrate a positive atmosphere. They are supposed to be places where everyone knows and is kind to one another; one where people feel comfortable […]

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Child Divorce Love Social Institution Society The Lottery
“the Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “the Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chekhov Essay Example
872 words 2 pages

Comparative Essay “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “The Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chekhov Most people today would define Lottery as the drawing of lots in which prizes are distributed to the winners among persons buying a chance, however these two stories give us a different out look on the word lottery. The stories “The […]

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Lottery The Lottery
The Lottery – College
3180 words 7 pages

The particular inside informations Jackson describes in the beginning of “The Lottery” set us up for the lurid decision. In the first paragraph. Jackson provides specific inside informations about the twenty-four hours on which the lottery takes topographic point. She tells us the day of the month ( June 27 ) . clip ( about […]

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The Lottery
The Hunger Games vs. the Lottery Essay Example
932 words 2 pages

Compare and Contrast: The Hunger Games vs.. “The Lottery The Hunger Games and “The Lottery’ are two different stories that have similarities and differences. Depending on the plots and story lines of both they might have more similarities than differences or more differences than similarities. Breaking it up into three different topics is very helpful […]

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Hunger The hunger games The Lottery
Irony In “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
318 words 1 page

In “The Lottery” . Shirley Jackson uses boding. symbolism. and sarcasm throughout her narrative to demo that decease is at hand in the terminal. Not merely do clip and topographic point bear of import hints as to the allegorical significance of “The Lottery” but the really names of the characters are loaded with significance. What […]

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Fiction Literature The Lottery
The Lottery Ticket Essay Example
983 words 2 pages

Harry had been married to Maggie for nearly a year now and was going through tough financial times. He lived in a council estate and didn’t have much furniture besides a table with two chairs in one room, two beds in the bedroom, the most basic kitchen and a bathroom of equal standards. He had […]

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Lottery The Lottery
The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Analysis
1009 words 2 pages

In the short story, “The Lottery”, Shirley Jackson uses imagery and symbolism to demonstrate that evil can be present in the most innocent environment, resulting in society being tainted with dark illusion. That innocence has the ability to create a huge impact in one’s life. In life, we often fail to realize how sometimes simple […]

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The Lottery
Irony in The Lottery
364 words 1 page

Irony, generally described as expressing something different from or opposite to a literal meaning, is used as an underlying theme in Shirley Jackson’s short story, The Lottery. As an age-old tradition, the lottery is one in which a single person in the town is randomly chosen, by a drawing, to be violently stoned by friends […]

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Irony Literature Lottery The Lottery
The Perpetuation of Senseless Traditions in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery
3080 words 6 pages

Any story can be a story about social expectations but Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is one story that points out the fact that it is the people themselves who perpetuate such social expectations and senseless traditions. Nevertheless, this act of perpetuation is a rather unconscious process going on in a person’s mind. Jackson’s “The Lottery” […]

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Child Hypocrisy The Lottery
The Lottery
1893 words 4 pages

Shirley Jackson, the author of the short story “The Lottery” is both a traditional and a non-traditional woman of her time. She is a wife to critic Stanley Edgar Hyman and a mother to four kids (Jackson, 922). She is a typical housewife. She does the house chores, takes care of her children, attends PTA […]

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Fiction Lottery Shirley Jackson The Lottery
The Lottery and The Little House
1233 words 3 pages

Shirley Jackson’s short stories “The Lottery” and “The Little House” both open peacefully, if not perfectly, on situations that should be happy ones. The main character of “The Little House” has just unexpectedly inherited a house from her late aunt; the villagers of “The Lottery” are enjoying a day that is “clear and sunny, with […]

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Anxiety The Lottery
The Structure and Values of Society Is Able Shape and Influence People and Their Ideas Essay Example
2308 words 5 pages

The Structure and Values of Society is Able Shape and Influence People and Their Ideas The subject of society and its influence is one that has been lamented and explored by many an author. It is not a widely disputed concept that society drives the thought and behavior of individuals within that society. In Both […]

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People Society Structure The Lottery Thought
The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Essay Example
1322 words 3 pages

“The Bedford Reader” offers brilliant collection of insightful, well-developed and thoughtful essays devoted to political, social and cultural issues, but the most appealing for me are the themes of social inequality, hypocrisy, women oppression and subordination presented in the horrific short-story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. The story emerged in 1948 and raised much controversy […]

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Oppression The Lottery Women'S Rights
The Lottery, The Cask of Amontillado, and The Use of Force Essay Example
1203 words 3 pages

Evil can be defined as the horror of humanity. This is revealed through terrible actions, through the mentality of a mob, the plotting of murder in a most grotesque fashion or the pressing of asking a young child to open her mouth. In the following essay, each point mentioned above will be examined as elements […]

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Lottery Short Story The Cask Of Amontillado The Lottery

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