Summary on Green Grass Running Water Essay Example
Summary on Green Grass Running Water Essay Example

Summary on Green Grass Running Water Essay Example

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Green grass running water starts out with an unknown narrator explaining “the beginning”. Coyote, one of the characters always has dreams that wake him up from his peaceful sleep. The dream thinks itself is god. Coyote is only amused thinking the dream is a dog that gets everything backwards. A frequently asked question in this book is “why is there water everywhere”. There are four main characters in this novel; Lone ranger, Ishmael, Robinson Crusoe and Hawkeye, they all escaped from a mental institution. All these men are Native American Elders.

Each one of these elders is connected to a female character from native tradition: First woman and Lone ranger, Changing woman and Ishmael, Thought woman and Robinson Crusoe, and old woman and Hawkeye. Throughout this novel Gr


een Grass Running water in divided into four sections, each section narrated by one of the four elders. In each story they explain why there is so much water, each encounter a figure from the bible, also how each character derive his name. There are four major plot lines in this book. One of them describes the escape and travels of the elders and coyote who are out to make the world a better place.

Dr. Hovaugh and babo his assistant try to track them down. Doctor Hovaugh tracks their every move, when they went missing and major events. For example; the eruption of Mount St. Helens to their disappearances. Second major plot follows Lionel, Red dog, Charlie looking bear and Alberta. Third major event follows Eli stands Alone, Lionel’s Uncle, who lives in his mother’s house in the spillway of the Balene dam

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Fourth major plot involves characters from christen and Native American creation myths figures including Ahdamn, First woman, the young man who walks on water, Robinson Cruose, and Nasty Bumpo etc.

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