Narrative Report in English Essay Example
Narrative Report in English Essay Example

Narrative Report in English Essay Example

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  • Published: November 18, 2016
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In February, we celebrate Valentine's Day with different activities on February 14, 2013. These activities include the love duet, mugna competition, and romantic activities like handcuff, twilight dance, marriage booth and more. I had the privilege of representing our section (Cherry) in the love duet. My partner for the duet was Clark Ayuban from Grade 7-Bevs, a student of Teacher Beverly Zapanta.

In an attempt to display my extraordinary voice and receive praise, I participated in a contest. My goal was for everyone to be genuinely impressed and acknowledge my beautiful singing abilities. Together with my classmates, we performed the song "Destiny" by Jim Brickman. I dedicated immense effort to ensure that my peers would feel a sense of pride in me. Regrettably, we experienced an unforeseen fai


lure which left me devastated. This defeat marked my first loss in a singing competition, causing tears to stream down my face. It felt as though a significant portion of my life had been lost due to this setback.

Despite my best efforts to win the competition, I can't escape the feeling of being a loser. I did my best, but I'm not sure if my partner put in the same effort. It's hard to accept this reality, but I try to hide my pain with a smile. The mugna competition had a limit of 5 participants from each section in the 4th year. Even though their outfits were made from recyclable materials, they were still amazing and durable. Furthermore, all the models looked beautiful in their costumes.

If there are still unfinished activities, there are students who are occupied with buying ticket

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for handcuff and twilight dance, among others. Some students enjoy these types of games and activities, while others strongly dislike them. In our classroom, we created a comic about the story "How my Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife." Currently, we are actively rehearsing for our upcoming speech choir performance. I hope these memories will remain in everyone's hearts. Happy Hearts Month once again...!!!

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