Marketing Concept Of Build- Bear- Workshop Analysis Essay Example
Marketing Concept Of Build- Bear- Workshop Analysis Essay Example

Marketing Concept Of Build- Bear- Workshop Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: November 10, 2016
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Build-A-Bear is a toy making company started by Maxine Clark in 1996. She gave preference to customer satisfaction. It is a customer centered organization. It gives personalization to customer by creating a facility of making his own stuffed toy. Many critics posed on her that she took a poor business decision. But now it is the one of the top toy making company. It has won a number of awards what marketing concept worked by the Maxine Clark to emerge Build-A-Bear as a successful organization gives this report.

Maxine Clark opened first Build-A-Bear workshop in 1996 since then company started more than 370 stores all over the world. It offers the customers the unique experience of making their own stuffed animal toy. Its revenue had reached $ 474 by the end of 2007 it is i


ncreasing at a constant rate of 15% per year. MAIN TEXT: PRODUCT: Build-A-Bear is a place where a child was to able to find his own stuffed toying that what he want. After entering in to the Build -A-Bear workshop child find different stations.

In “choose me” station child select an unstuffed animal what he want and at “Stuff Me” station where animal comes life by blowing the amount of fluff that customer want. In “Hear Me” station consists of fixing voice box to the stuffed toy. In ‘Fluff Me” station customer can give a blow dry spa treatment to the stuffed toy and finally in “Dress Me” and “Name Me” includes dress of toy and birth certificate is created with the child selected name.

 The price of Build-A-Bear toy starts from $10and an averag

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of $25 which is affordable by the maximum income level of people.

It sells its products to the middle class and upper middle class people in retail market.  It mainly concentrates on customers’ word of mouth promoting policy rather than any other promotional activities. Company implements this policy because it maintains good relationships with customers, customization of their product.

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