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Ateco Automotive Pty Ltd produces some of the worlds most Iconic and prestigious car brands such as Ferrari, Masserati and of course Fiat. In 2008, Ateco launched the Fiat 500 into the Australian market following a successful launch in Europe. The Fiat 500 is a remake of the 50-year-old Fiat 500. Not content with winning awards for itself, the Fiat 500 has won two Gold Lions in the Cannes International Advertising Festival for an innovative advertisement that replaces crash test dummies with endangered species, including a Panda.

The aim of the previous campaign, which took awards in the Film and Outdoor categories, was to show that Fiat is equally concerned with safety. The crash test shows that the 500 achieved a five star EuroNCAP rating and the Panda represented the environmental work carried out by Fiat. The campaign in Australia was rolled out in print and also outdoor space in city areas. Although above the line advertising was a part of the previous campaign, given the state of the economy at the time the Fiat 500 was launched a more pragmatic approach was used.

The focus was at a retail level where price promotions such as the partnership with Virgin Blue offering free Velocity points with the purchase of a Fiat 500 were implemented in an effort to stimulate sales. In 2010, Ateco Automotive will launch the new Fiat 500C, which is the soft top version of the current Fiat 500. The new campaign will focus more on building the Fiat 500 brand in Australia amongst the target market. Communications Objectives

Overall Objective: to leverage the launch of the new Fiat 500C to build the Fiat 500 brand within Australia through creating a more clearly defined brand image ultimately increasing sales and winning market share. To achieve this result, the Hierarchy of Effects model will be used to set the communications objectives for this campaign. Hierarchy of Effects Awareness- As this is a new product entering the market, building awareness for this product is crucial. Therefore the first communications objective is: “To build awareness amongst 95% of the target audience for the Fiat 500C”

Interest – After awareness comes interest. It is at this stage that the target audience begin to build desire for the product. Therefore the second communications objective is: “To gain interest amongst 80% of the 95% of consumers who are aware of the Fiat 500C” Evaluation – Interested consumers will then evaluate the Fiat 500C and compare it to the likes of the Mini Cooper Convertible and VW Beetle Convertible. The third communication objective is: “To have 60% of the 80% interested consumers evaluate the Fiat 500C as a possible choice for their next motor vehicle purchase”

Trial – Trail is a crucial part of the purchase stage. After evaluating the Fiat 500C consumers should choose it over other cars that have evaluated. Our fourth communication objective is “To generate a 35% trail amongst 60% of the consumer who have evaluated the Fiat 500C as a possibility. ” Adoption – The aim is that consumers will respond positively to the integrated marketing campaign developed for the new Fiat 500C and therefore result in meeting our final communications objective which is: To increase adoption of the Fiat 500 brand by 40% compared to the average over the last 2 years” While not all consumers will ultimately purchase the Fiat 500C, they may select the standard Fiat 500 as their primary option due to the price point and preference for a non-convertible vehicle. This would be a beneficial side effect from the campaign for the Fiat 500C. Target Market The target market for the campaign is fashion forward Australian women aged 25-39 years earning a middle to upper income.

This target market can afford to splurge on a new European motor vehicle and the car that they drive reflects their image in society. The cars they purchase are aesthetically pleasing. This target market is time poor due to their work and social/family commitments and seeks a car that will help them ‘get around town’ in a stylish, economical and convenient manner. The Fiat 500C appeals to this target markets as it is perceived as a must have fashion accessory.

The secondary Target Market for the Fiat 500C are empty nesters 50 – 65 who remember the old Fiat 500 and can appreciate the history behind the car. Although, there will not be a focus on this group as such the integrated campaign aimed at the primary target market will also appeal to this group as the emotive connection it establishes will remind them of their youth. The one attribute all Fiat Brand adorers have income is that they appreciate the “retro cool” appeal of the Fiat 500 and have an appreciation for culture, history, authenticity and of course all things Italian.

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