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William R. Tracey, in The Human Resources Glossary defines Human Resources as “The people that staff and operate an organization” as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. Human Resource is not only about oneself, in this globalisation world, it is more about how to manage the employee’s benefits. The evolution made verbal the fact that people are an organization’s most important asset. People are an asset that must be hired, satisfied in their own way, developed to achieve greater success and retained. Establishing a strong Human Resource system has many benefits for the organization. It helps to ensure that the employees deliver quality services to their job. For the organization, it increases the capacity to achieve its goals, increases the level of employee effectiveness in their performance.

As a result, it provide cost saving through improve efficiency and productivity of the worker. As for the employee, it improves equity between employee compensation and level of responsibility. Helps employees understand how their work relates to the mission and vision of the organization. Makes the employee more highly motivated and yet increases job satisfaction. When maintaining a strong Human Resource in organization, there are 4 pointers to consider: Maintaining rewarding benefits and recognition.

Encouraging human resources leadership at each organization level. Developing and maintaining a performance management system. Investing in training. Maintaining rewarding benefits and recognition. Every employee in any organization wants to feel that their efforts contributed in their daily job are being recognized and importantly rewarded with. There are a lot of benefits offered across many organizations and yet every of them trying to be their best to have the competitive edge in attracting and keeping the best employees. Most of the organization offers performance bonus, attendance bonus, long service award, profit sharing as an end year reward and medical benefits.

Yet other organization goes a step higher such as personal grooming bonus, paid time off employee bonus and giving ‘purchased’ discounts for employee benefits. Organizations which offer the best employee benefits will experience better and higher moral and yet retain employees than others that do not. Employers too must play their part to explain to their employees about the value of the benefits they received, so that in return, it can maximize the value to employees of the employee benefits that the employer provides. Encouraging human resources leadership at each organization level. The ideal concept of managerial leadership integrates all the system which permeates and structures the theory and practice of work organizations.

Each organization needs leadership at the highest level to exert influence upon others in an organizational context. Managers should create a style of leadership where it will develop the firm’s human endowment and, moreover, cultivate commitment, flexibility, innovation and change. Managers and leader in every department should send messages to all staff that the organization are treating them fairly and acknowledging their contribution to the organization. To make it possible, creating a positive climate is one the most important strategies to boost the morale of the staff. They should look into forging new organizational arrangement which foster employee’s participation, team work and growth. And most importantly, employees in the organization should make learning an organization priority.

Developing and maintaining a performance management system. One of the most important roles of the employee is to support the system established by the organization. System regardless of the organization mission and goals, system sets by the Human Resource department are one of the contribution factors of success in the organization. This system will help the employees to understand how their work contributes to the success of the organization, which makes them more motivated and be more productive.

When implementing a system which connects strategies and operational plan with performance measures, it has the potential to improve on both individual and department performance and yet, make the organization more successful. Regular work planning is one of the key elements in an effective performance between employees. It helps and aids the employees to understand their work objectives better and understand whether their objectives are achievable. If an employee unable to achieve at a satisfactory level, a good system procedures which provides their immediate superior to follow in providing opportunities to learn needed skills or countermeasures actions.

Investing in training. Throughout the world, organization divides significant portion of their fund and employee time to training, which in line to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their employee. This results in significant improvement in their performance and it too, contributes directly to their ability to meet their objectives. Other reasons for employee training and development are magnifying due to these factors: technological innovations, employee retention strategies, and The need for organizations to constantly develop their employees’ ability to keep up with the competitiveness in the global market

Training employees can be divided in to two parts, internal or external training development. For external, which most of the organization practices, they will send employees for professional association Seminars, local adult education workshops, and classes come in every variety imaginable, both in-person and online. For internal, which is considered cost-effective, organization will have structured on the job learning assist by mentors, rotational assignment and in house technical presentation to employees.

In an organization, establishing a strong Human Resource department contributes a lot of positive result both, employees and the organization itself. As for the employees, it improves equity between employee compensation and level of responsibility. One will feel committed to do their daily job, understand better how to do their work which relates to the organization’s mission and values and thus, increases employability satisfaction. As for the organization itself, it increases its capacity to achieve its goals in the long run. It is important in every organization because it flourishes the organization reputation within their market. Looking in their organization itself, it increases the level of employee performance and uses employee skills and knowledge efficiently. This would lead to cost savings through improved efficiency and productivity of workers.

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